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Bug/Issue Current Bugs I've Found (So Far)

Discussion in 'Support' started by BoxKin, May 20, 2018.

  1. BoxKin

    BoxKin Aquatic Astronaut

    So I've been playing with some friends as of late, but we've found some bugs that we wanted to bring to the dev's attention, thank you for reading ^^

    • Game Crashes After Year 2 Spring Day 22. We cannot progress past that it always crashes in the middle of saving. (Might be different for other people, but this is whats going on with me. This seemed to only happen with multiplayer, when I play alone it is perfectly fine??)
    • After the first house upgrade for the Cabins the floor becomes completely tile and cannot be changed to another type of flooring.
    • Things are disappearing from the Museum.
    • Tilled land is becoming untilled. (Resulting in crops disappearance)
    • Cut scenes get player stuck in the cut scene and they aren't allowed to leave it without shutting down the entire game.
    • Fridge in Cabins become empty after starting up the game.
    • Horse will follow non-host players (clients) in multiplayer.
    (I'll add more the more we find. Thank you for reading. Also want y'all to know that this isn't as detailed as the pinned one but I haven't seen these bugs reported on there so I'm just putting some that I've /and others/ have found so far.)
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    • Aznpkerboy

      Aznpkerboy Space Hobo

      Please add - Horse will follow non-host players (clients) in multiplayer.
      • BoxKin

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