Pixel Custom Character Portraits

Discussion in 'Fan Works' started by SpeedLimit-Infinity, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. SpeedLimit-Infinity

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  2. Haymunk

    Haymunk Orbital Explorer

    Very cute, but it looks kinda weird that the guy's lips are bigger than the girl's.. Nice job regardless. Do you have a whole set of them to use as actual ingame sprites?
    • Isegrimm

      Isegrimm Void-Bound Voyager

      I cannot unsee those lips^^

      Not to be mean but i am thinking of handsome Squidward right now :rofl:

      You're really good at this tho
      • SpeedLimit-Infinity

        SpeedLimit-Infinity Intergalactic Tourist

        HAHA, that is because in real life my boyfriend's lips are significantly bigger than mine. We based our characters off of our real appearances.
        And no, we just use the in game sprites for the characters. This was just for fun, if our characters did have portraits like the other villagers in the game.
        We do want to make sprites for our cats, though!
        • SpeedLimit-Infinity

          SpeedLimit-Infinity Intergalactic Tourist

          Lol, it's okay. My boyfriend actually looks like that in real life.
          He's..... unique ; )
          • SpeedLimit-Infinity

            SpeedLimit-Infinity Intergalactic Tourist

            Just for some perspective, here's an old photo of us- http://i.imgur.com/IsONyda.png
            (his hair usually has more curl than that, but it is usually dyed pink.)

            Here's a more recent one, ignore the Sherlock cosplay. lol.
            • Ghostly Fox

              Ghostly Fox Heliosphere

              Well, as long as your both happy and healthy in the relationship, unusual lips can be put aside, I'd think. That said, pixel art that size looks like it would be a paaaaaaain, especially with the amount of detail you put.
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              • SpeedLimit-Infinity

                SpeedLimit-Infinity Intergalactic Tourist

                LOL. Thank you! I'm new to pixel art but it's actually pretty fun
                • Haymunk

                  Haymunk Orbital Explorer

                  Well, the photo looks quite normal, but the sprite looks weird because the lips seem so much bigger.. Maybe cutting one pixel in height would make them look less.. inflated :)
                  • meiows

                    meiows Void-Bound Voyager

                    These are cute! And you guys are such a cute couple!!! Don't worry, my bf has bigger lips than me tooX3
                    • Lil' Mini

                      Lil' Mini Phantasmal Quasar

                      Any chance that you might reveal what kind of program you used to make this for an aspiring pixel artist...? :proper:

                      Oh wait nevermind, it says that you used the paintbrush app, I'm stupid. :rofl:
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                      • Keychain

                        Keychain Pangalactic Porcupine

                        You are very talented! Those are some of the best custom portraits I've seen.
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                        • Capt.Kirk

                          Capt.Kirk Poptop Tamer

                          I bet you're looking forward to the co-op multiplayer that's coming in version 1.1 then.
                          • Megzzzx

                            Megzzzx Void-Bound Voyager

                            Aww that is soooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!
                            • Yoseiri

                              Yoseiri Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                              awww it's really cute :3
                              • SheepMilks

                                SheepMilks Phantasmal Quasar

                                this looks amazing!
                                kudos to you for portraying both your faces so well in this style!
                                I love the characterization and look in your boyfriends pixel as well!

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