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RELEASED Custom Crafting Station Template 0.1

Always wanted to make your own crafting station?

  1. DrPvtSkittles

    DrPvtSkittles Master Astronaut

    DrPvtSkittles submitted a new mod:

    Custom Crafting Station Template - Always wanted to make your own crafting station but struggle to get the items to show up?

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  2. saccomano

    saccomano Void-Bound Voyager

    One question, when I am in admin I can craft the objects but when I am not I can not see them to craft them, I think it is because I have to learn to craft them but I do not know how to make custom blueprints
  3. DrPvtSkittles

    DrPvtSkittles Master Astronaut

    You need to add blueprints to your player.config.patch.

    Example code (just replace the item names with your own).

        { "op" : "add", "path" : "/defaultBlueprints/tier1/-", "value" : { "item" : "sklazydyebag" } },
        { "op" : "add", "path" : "/defaultBlueprints/tier1/-", "value" : { "item" : "sklazgrnscrnbag" } }, 
        { "op" : "add", "path" : "/defaultBlueprints/tier1/-", "value" : { "item" : "sklazymoneybag" } }
    Remember the last item doesn't have a comma at the end.

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