NPC Custom crew costumes (mockup)

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    Iunno. I got a hair and gone and went and did a mockup.

    You'd still need a Tailor Crewmember for this. But now they'd have expanded abilities...

    Tailor new.png

    (Pretend Elsa is in the window, I didn't feel like going THAT far)

    So there'd still be the default Protectorate Uniform, and to just give them whatever you have on (both options would keep their "default" headgear as they do now), and both would retain their job-colors. But then clicking on "CUSTOM" would deck them out in any armors you put into their individual Vanity Slots (including headgear). Ideally these would NOT change to job colors... I mean if I want an all-pink-uniform crew, then dangit Bobby, I should have it!. Iunno. I'm not a coder. If they GOTTA stay job-colored, then it's not that big a deal. But if Mannequins can keep costumes intact, so should Crew.

    Seriously, let us have a go at a genuine custom crew, plus soemthing more to DO with the clothes we can collect.

    Oh man. That'd be a great way to fake a more diverse alien crew. Creeplings! Cyclops Yeti! Giant Penguin! Deadbeat!

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