Custom Event-heavy Campaign: The Legend of the Mirror Pool!

Discussion in 'Custom Content' started by Lyle Drake, Apr 21, 2019.

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    I made a thing!

    So, The Legend of the Mirror Pool is a campaign based on the gimmick of Party Bulding. Each stage starts you with four commander units, but you get to pick which commanders you're given. Except that one is always Mercia, because she's the only healer, and that's a pretty big deal.

    You start out with only the Charrystone Commanders to choose from, and as you complete levels (In a nonlinear order, i might add) you collect more commanders to add to your party. It's like Pokemon!

    It's got a good amount of content(11 levels of varying length), it took me, like, two weeks of straight work to finish. Certainly not a small project.

    Oh, also, there's a huge variety between the types stages in this. Some are plain boss fights, some are larger scale battles, there's this one where you storm a haunted mansion that took me, like, two straight day of work to make sure all the events worked properly. I've really just been flexing my creative muscles making this.

    Here's the download code: X5TNNX22

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