Custom Hair not working?

Discussion in 'Mods' started by iamapdssufferer, Jun 30, 2018.

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    I've gone so far as to replace the original file in my content folder with a custom hairstyle file and in game it still only gives me the base game options. Are custom hair mods affected by the beta update? I do have smapi and content patcher and as i mentioned, replaced the original, and nothing.

    first post, not sure if i should label this as modding help or if that's more for people who need help creating mods, not help making other people's mods work.

    I used each of these individually (replacing the original file and just in mods), and then found a tutorial that would allow me to combine them into one, and still nothing

    any ideas? am i doing something horribly wrong or is it just a 1.3 issue?
    • iamapdssufferer

      iamapdssufferer Big Damn Hero

      as a note, when i combined them and tried that file, the base hairstyles weren't even in the file anymore, so I'm not sure how the game was still showing them at all. I feel really clueless Dx

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