RELEASED Customize Exterior 1.0.7

This mod lets you customize the exterior of your buildings individually.

  1. Spectacles

    Spectacles Void-Bound Voyager

    I'm getting a weird error when loading the game that looks like this mod is trying to load files for textures that don't exist, and that causes the game to load slowly not let me change textures on any of the buildings. Originally it did so when I first built a stable on my farm and tried to load non-existent files for the stable; now it's doing it after I've built fish ponds. The asset folders the mod is trying to load textures from don't have textures for those buildings normally, so as a quick fix when loading the game, I'll check to see what it's trying to load and just copy the default .xnb file from the game's content folder into the one it's trying to access. My error log is here:

    As you can see, SMAPI goes pretty nuts when trying to deal with this error. The quick fix is fine for now but it also means there's a lot of duplicate files in my assets folder where they shouldn't be necessary. Again, some of the building sets I use aren't "complete" in that they don't include a texture for every building available on the farm, and none of them have fish ponds because they were made before that update (the fish pond textures I use are in separate packs). Not a game breaker by any means, but hopefully a solution can be found to help myself and anyone else who might be experiencing this issue.
    • omgUFOs

      omgUFOs Intergalactic Tourist

      Is this still being updated? I would really like to use this mod but nothing happens when I double right-click...:down:

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