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  1. FawkTheElf

    FawkTheElf Void-Bound Voyager

    Here on non-squid-monster-earth we have kittens, puppies, bunnies, hedgehogs and a lot of cute things, Up there in space, we have Pokemon, and from my galaxy hopping adventures, no creature has really pleased my cuteness sensors. If only we had Cute Creatures. Now what is cute? Look at this cat
    What makes this cat adorable? Or even this puppy
    This bunny
    I find that the best things about these creatures is the ears, the fur, and their tiny noses. These features can be used as a basis for the parts of each Cute creature. And the other thing about these creates is that they are very small, at most chest height from the player. Now what does a cute animal do? Its going to roll around, lick its paws, eat carrots and sit there as cutely as possible.

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