Race Cystalians-Ancient assassins

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  1. Dman0505

    Dman0505 Orbital Explorer

    The Cystalians are gem based people who are masters of stealth and have assassin based armor and weapons. Cystalians Ships look like giant crystals with other crystals coming out of the base. Cavlianti Grem II is their home. This planet is rich with crystals. Their culture is only attack if necessary and reside in giant crystal temples. They have slit like eyes and are cyclopses. The ship pet would be a crystal wolf. Their SAIL would be an eye with green crystals floating around it and the crystals will shatter and reform if an invalid selection had happened. The Cystalians are belived to be representations of God's by most religious figures. They are tall strong creatures who are most likely to be seen in the night. Their biological defense is how they evolved to have sharp prisms on their back like a porcupine. This race comes in the rainbow colors, multi-color,black,white,grey,pink and a tanis color. They have good relationships with the avian and Hyltol. They are angered by the florans because of raiding and turning their dead into armor,tools,weapons and ships. and the apex because of constant kidnapping for research. The Cystalians are three Fingered with sharp claws. The Cystalians are made of crystal. They often eat rocks as there main diet if not plants if neither can be found, then they resort to eating meat. The Cystalians have razor sharp teeth. They are sometimes not assassin-like and have heavy,reinforced armor and often laser mini guns. The armor ranks from first to last are, Shard,Acolyte, Midnight,Ranger,Bounty Hunter,Shadow,Tank,Trailblazer, ShadeMaster,and Takedown. They believe Universal peace is possible if worked toward hard enough. Their names usually are based off of elements with the letters in the first name and the element in the last name. for example AUron Goldwalker. They were allies with a missing and mostly forgotten race -the Howlers, Egyptian themed Wolf people.They often mistake other races for their missing friends if their not paying attention. Their dungeons are Crystal cities, Crystal Fortresses,Goliath Caverns, and Howler Ruins. The ruins are found on arid and desert planets while the Goliath caverns were where powerful and dangerous artifacts were stored so good loot is usually found there and are on planets risky an above. All of the others are on moderate and above. When Cystalians near their death their eye becomes a gemstone,they start to have cracks in their bodies and when they die they become statues. The Trailblazer armor is robotic and the Bounty Hunter armor is similar to Boba Fett. They use energy based weapons so their starter swords are similar to lightsabers but more sword based.

    -need pixel art for race,ship,pet,armor,weapons,SAIL, starting clothing, emotes, and anything else needed.

    -Also need suggestions for more info
    -I can't code so if a master coder could make a mod featuring this race 1,000,000,000 times THANK YOU------P.S. Please make it for steam because I play it on steam.
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  2. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The Waste of Time

    They have already said they are not adding any more playable races.

    Further, this is extremely vague. If you want this, then your best bet is a mod, but the best chance of you getting a mod is if you flesh out EVERYTHING.
  3. Dman0505

    Dman0505 Orbital Explorer

    I still need the art though.[DOUBLEPOST=1452055200][/DOUBLEPOST]:rofl:[DOUBLEPOST=1452055245][/DOUBLEPOST]It is just the basic idea of the race.
  4. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The Waste of Time

    Then get to work. If you put in the effort, you are more likely to get someone willing to wrap it all up for you.

    A race is a MASSIVE order for any modder because of all the things that go into them. But if all you are is an "idea-man", then ill be honest, this is likely to not go anywhere fast.
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  5. Dman0505

    Dman0505 Orbital Explorer

    Thanks for the info. It could help a ton
  6. PabloElPuas

    PabloElPuas Pangalactic Porcupine

    You need more work and I do not like too much the design but has possibilities

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