RELEASED Darker and/or Cleaner Coops and Barns

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    Hey everyone! So my eyes are sensitive to bright colors and at first I was just going to make the coops and barns darker inside, of course as I was working on that I was like 'Well why don't I clean them up a little bit too?'

    It's nothing amazing, but I find this so much easier to look at than the default bright yellow the barns and coops are, and you get a little extra walking space/space to put things in them as well. There is a config file, where you can enable or disable the 'clean' versions. So if you only want the darker colors but not the cleaned up maps, you can do that, just change it from true to false in the config.json. :)

    This is a Content Patcher mod and requires you to have Content Patcher installed. This mod was made for version 1.3.28 of Stardew Valley and version 1.4 of Content Patcher, I cannot guarantee how well it will work with newer or older versions of either.


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      This is great, thank you!
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        Thank you so much for this! I use mods like Eemie's recolors and ATDSV so the fact that the barn and coop were still vanilla colors drove me crazy.
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