Day by day guide to spring for the experienced player

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    While I'm not going to follow a plan that involves making test runs and resetting a day I think this is great work. Thanks for posting it.

    I would be very interested to further discuss your inventory system though. That is what honestly kills most of my farms in the end. I just have too much stuff, in too many places and not a great organizational scheme for it all. I have a 36 slot backpack and it's always full but I can't find what I need.
    This thread if it's not too off topic is fine. Or a new one or via messages if no one else cares. I'm open.
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      Q: if we get rain between the days 5~12 should we consider catfish a priority?
      • Elenna101

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        No, I knew that, I just thought you couldn't fish that far from shore at level 1 regardless. I checked and turns out you can.

        However, according to that thread, you should be able to get gold quality fish at level 1 just by fishing to the right while standing next to the fence at the bottom of the lake, without any bobber directing. I've fished there before (it's pretty obviously a good spot if you know that fishing further from shore = better) and I've never gotten gold quality fish before level 4. I suppose it's possible that I'm just remembering wrong and I haven't fished there at low levels before. I'll try catching 10-15 fish at level 1 while deliberately not perfecting them and let you know.

        EDIT: Huh, I just caught a gold quality bullhead. I could have sworn I tested that spot at least once at level 3, but maybe not? Or maybe CA changed the quality mechanics when he added iridium fish? IDK, but it's good to know for the future, thanks!

        As far as I can tell, the only resetting/test runs involved in that plan are for the cart checks, which a) you can just decide not to do and b) I don't think that even makes sense to do anymore, after the first week or so, because if you're going to the secret woods every day then you're going to pass by the cart anyways. So you could just decide to ignore that part, if you want to try following this plan.
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        • UnexpectedParole

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          Cart checks. Trash can checks. Foraging locations, spring onions. seed drops. Just to name a few.
          But it's all good.
          • ThorfinnS

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            I was just going to mention the same thing. From the same location.

            That and the initial check on what's around, and planning a route. It's not all that important to do anyway unless you refuse to play with less than a dozen onions or a day 1 artifact or something. In which case, you are better off with the predictor. If it mattered to me, I'd just do the Cindersap loop first and know whether to restart in under 5 minutes.

            Sure, day 1 is important, but to me, the game is more the challenge of figuring out how to do the best I can with what I've been given, not to have some perfect min/max run. I'm not going to play to the point I'm going around maintaining 200 kegs anyway. I'd rather rearrange my sock drawer than play the clicking game. I don't want to run it; I just want to set it up.

            Usually it's become tedious by fall. I've only made it past winter a couple times, just so I can see rhubarb and starfruit and such. I have no idea what Grandpa's evaluation is like. For all I know, y'all could be pulling my leg about it.
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            • squigglyruth

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              A good point - I think there's a lot to be said for leaving most of these oaks uncut and tapping them whilst waiting for your oak farm to grow. It might depend what oak farm size you are aiming for, though. Worth some trialling.
              • ThorfinnS

                ThorfinnS Orbital Explorer

                Amazing how much difference that makes. I'd always been using it only to shift the cast to one side or the other. I had convinced myself that extending the cast with WASD made no difference in the catch, unless shifting it one tile to the side made it to where the distance to shore was one greater.

                I never did catch gold at L0, but my first three catches L1 off the end of the pier were an iridium halibut and two iridium herring, one of which had a chest. I proceeded to blow the next several catches, and didn't level until 11:40. :facepalm:
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                • Shepherd_0

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                  I updated the OP with the new schedule. Many days are switched with others compared to the first version of the guide, but the general structure is the same. The first week should be significantly easier to follow now.

                  As I said, the guide doesn't really involve resetting anymore, unless you get an incredibly unlucky day 1. I would still reccommend doing a test run to check for spring onions though, but again, it's not strictly necessary.

                  About the inventory system, here's what I usually use:

                  Green: spring crops and spring forageables
                  Orange: summer crops and summer forageables

                  Red: fall crops and fall forageables
                  Light blue: winter forageables…. (yeah, this one is kinda overkill)

                  Black: ores and gems
                  Purple: anything else that comes out of the mines (monster loot, weapons, bombs, etc.)

                  Yellow: artisan products and cooked dishes
                  Pink: miscellaneous foraging and fruit tree fruit (mushrooms, battery packs, fiddlehead ferns etc.)

                  Blue: fish (I like to collect one of every fish)
                  Teal: anything else that is fishing related (beach forageables, crab pots, trash items, tackle, etc.)

                  This gets me through the first year with ease. I rarely run out of inventory space. I'm currently experimenting with a different setup though:

                  green: all vegatebles
                  yellow: all fruits
                  red: all forageables

                  Black: ores and gems
                  Purple: anything else that comes out of the mines (monster loot, weapons, bombs, etc.)
                  Blue: anything fishing related

                  I haven't played with this long enough to really know which setup I prefer.

                  Yes, as long as you don't miss important milestones. For example, don't go catfishing on day 7 if you don't have 25 iron ore yet. That would delay all of your tool upgrades.
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                  • ThorfinnS

                    ThorfinnS Orbital Explorer

                    Nice! Did better than I do at geodes, I guess. I don't often get the 40 item rarecrow in spring if I missed the 20 artifact rarecrow. Or is that in a chest, or hiding behind the house or something?

                    Is there a reason for where you placed the crops? A row of sheds south of the house? Similarly, what's the reason for the space between the pond and the field?

                    Path between the two fields -- cosmetic or is there a reason not to place them right next to each other?

                    Is this what you meant? I've not found anything different about fishing there v. anywhere else. That is, your cast is one shorter casting south than casting east or west until L4. Seems to me I do better casting off the east side of the pier, right next to where the cutscene leaves me. Particularly after finding out I was wrong about WASD not getting me better quality fish at low level.

                    Skipping the Flower Dance -- but, but, but, that means you can't get the deluxe scarecrow until next spring. ;)

                    Day 6 should say upgrade axe, not pickaxe.
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                    • Elenna101

                      Elenna101 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                      Oh, wait, is *that* why I haven't gotten gold fish at levels 1-3 before this? I usually cast south because the animation takes less time.

                      EDIT: Obviously if you can get gold fish only when casting east/west that will negate the time loss.
                      • Shepherd_0

                        Shepherd_0 Astral Cartographer

                        There is not really a particular reason for the crop placement. It's close to both the pond and the farm I guess. The space between the pond and the field is because I was too lazy to count the tiles. The cobblestone path inbetween the two fields is there to make the pattern easier to see. I only use it for the guide as a clear example of the scarecrow pattern, there's no other benefit to it.

                        With 'in front of Willy's door', I really just meant the ocean in general. I do actually litterally fish in front of Willy's door most of the time, to reduce walking time to his shop, but that might change with the knowledge that you can get quality fish at lower level. I haven't tested this for myself yet though.

                        I edited the day 6 error. Thanks for letting me know.
                        • ThorfinnS

                          ThorfinnS Orbital Explorer

                          I'd have said it was to plant rice.
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                          • PurpleMentat

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                            There's a typo in Day 10. It says to pick up the Copper Axe and upgrade the Pickaxe to Steel, then go to the Mine and descend as quickly as possible. That should be pickup the Copper Pickaxe and upgrade the Axe.
                            • FickleRhubarb

                              FickleRhubarb Twenty-three is number one

                              That was a long thread to read!

                              What I learned/liked:
                              1. Use Mixed Seeds to try for 10gp each Parsnips. I actually haven't played with Mixed Seeds yet.
                              2. Selling everything (except wood, but I see you are recommending selling wood) on Spring 1
                              3. Tree fertilizer. Cool. But I see it's debated here.
                              4. Tool upgrades. Sigh. I will learn. I am focused now on Vincent's BD, Haley's BD, and Egg Festival for upgrading.

                              1. It's not clear to me when you are trying to reach Fishing 5 and 10. I may have missed that.

                              a) Isn't it best to avoid anything (rocks and fallen logs) but tree tops on Spring 1 so maximum energy on Spring 1 goes into unlocking Tappers the first week? I confess I have been playing repairing the tidal pool bridge (Foraging XP for Spring 6/7 Tappers and gold) instead of fiberglass road (Fishing and gold) on Spring 2, which may have influenced my choices about energy and chopping.
                              b) When are you recommending Tappers (Foraging 3) now?

                              3. Thu: Why prioritize chopping Oak Trees? Won't you be tapping in a few days? I think the discussion covered this, and you may be backing off on using tree fertilizer.

                              4. Kegs are needed Summer 12 for Hops, right? Farming 8 Earlier than that is not very important, right?

                              5. It wasn't clear to me there was a consensus about Watering Can upgrades, basic Sprinklers, and Quality Sprinklers. I never upgrade my can, and I sometimes use basic sprinklers. But lately I just keep my fields small (80-ish) through end of Spring when my Quality Sprinklers are coming on strong. Is this all up in the air?

                              6. What are the minimum skill levels needed through Summer 12 to become "insanely rich" on Pale Ale? Here's my tentative answer:
                              Fishing: Enough to fully finance Spring including buying Salads and Trout Soup. Level 5 by end of Spring 4.
                              Foraging: Early Tappers. Level 4 by Spring 12 (four weeks/harvests before Summer 12). That's not very hard. Or Spring 6 for another harvest if possible. (It pushes the availability of copper a bit, I think. Not relaxed enough for a recommendation, if you ask me.)
                              Farming: Keg/8 by Summer 12. Quality Sprinkler/6 by Spring 26. Scarecrow/1 by Spring 12. Maybe there's something to the idea of barely (3-4 crops) farming until Spring 13. As mentioned, batching is a good principle in SV.
                              The Mines: Floor 80 by Spring 26

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