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    Hello Something that bothers me while playing Stardew Valley is the day time. The time of day and even the season bothers me and does not let me enjoy the game entirely. Every time I go somewhere I think about the time that will spend me, it will be useful or not to go there, and I stay like this all the game, I see several of my companions stop playing the game for that very reason, I know this is Intentional way, trying to look a bit like reality, but it honestly did not work. The time is very short for doing things and getting around the game (I guess they tried to make up for that short time with the size of the city, if yes, it did not work). So, it would be a good idea to put at least 20-25 minutes 18 hours
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      So long as you're not trying to do all the things, every day, I find there's generally plenty of time to work with. Early on crops are going to eat up a good portion of your day, but once you get sprinklers and/or upgraded watering can you can get through that pretty quick, leaving more time for other stuff. If you need to gather wood for something, then spend the 'spare' time in Cindersap forest cutting down trees. Need some ore? Spend a day going through the mines. Trying to get more hearts with the NPCs? Keep gift items in your inventory(pale ale works good for all but four NPC's) and hand them out as you run across them doing other stuff.

      If it's a matter of 'It takes too long to get anywhere' you've got the horse, which boosts speed a decent amount and doesn't cost much to get, speed boosting food like Pepper Poppers, and once you restore the Boiler room in the CC the minecarts act as good 'fast-travel' between the various areas.
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        Maybe you could feed your horse a dinosaur egg and it would give birth a season later to a unicorn or a pegasus which would be faster than the regular horse? You'd need an upgraded stable to be able to do that.
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          time management is just an aspect of this game but for those that it does bother i believe there is a mod that allows you to adjust the speed at which time changes so you can slow your day down i forget the name but you could always look into it if you are after doing so
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