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    I've recently been playing around with sprites for characters & portraits, and i'm extremely happy with the results! Because of this, i wanted to do a WHOLE town makeover, to give a different feel to the game for when i'm feeling bored. My go-to idea, was Apocalyptic themes (specifically, Zombie!)

    I know exactly how I want the maps for the towns & such to work, but i'm a little stuck on the monsters for the caves...

    I figured slimes could be toxic ooze, and mummies/shadow-things could be zombies... maybe make the duggy an arm digging up out of the ground to grab at you? (i don't think there's a lot of room for that kind of edit though in the sprite sheet)

    I'd love to hear any ideas or suggestions pertaining to this <3
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      Oooh zombies! Yes!! :D I'm a pretty big Resident Evil fan so most of my ideas are coming from there xD

      I think the arm for the duggies could work, or even just a hand.
      All the standing enemies (Stone Golem, Skeleton, Shadow Brute, Mummy and Void Spirit) could be different looking zombies.

      For the slimes, maybe the leeches from Resident Evil 0 could work:



      The Serpent could be a mini Novistador from Resident Evil 4.

      Giant Spider for the Rock/Lava Crabs.
      The bugs and/or Cave Flies could be crows or Giant Moths.
      The grubs could be mini Gulp Worms.
      Maybe one of the enemies could be a rat?
      The Squid Kid could be a big floating eye?

      I'll keep thinking for other possibilities xD

      I was actually thinking about making some portrait/sprite mods for horror and/or Resident Evil heroes. Such as:
      Penny = Resident Evil 3 Jill
      Leah = Claire Redfield
      Maru = Sheva from RE5
      Haley = Adult Sherry from RE6
      Abigail = Maybe Ada?
      Alex = Chris Redfield (oldschool Chris, not roided-Chris)
      Sam = Leon
      Elliot = Billy from RE0
      Harvey = ??
      Sebastian = ??
      Haven't thought of any others.

      Anywho it'll be really neat to see what you've come up with the portrait/sprites and see your ideas for the town! :D
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