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    This is an enlarged shed map. Titled "Deluxe Shed" because it has been re-sized to be the same size as the Deluxe Barn. This is a WIP still, because even though as it is now, it's fine if you choose to purely use it as utility, and not change the flooring or wallpaper. However if you change either one of those, it only decorates the left half(which is the vanilla area).

    Decorating the shed is hard-coded, so when this is complete to the point where decorating encompasses the entire map properly, it'll be a SMAPI mod.

    I have included the modified Shed.xnb for now. If you choose to use it then instructions are as follows:

    1. Install the latest version of SMAPI
    2. Install Entoarox Framework. This will modify the entrance warp so the farmer appears properly inside.
    3. Unzip Shed.zip, and place the "Shed.xnb" into the game install directory under "...Content\Maps" Make sure you make a backup first!
    4. Alternatively, you can also use Ento's XNB Loader mod with this, which you can get here.

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      *le gasp* I was just thinking about making a plain, bigger shed! I saw a expanded shed in the mods, but had all this rooms and wasn't what I wanted. Wasn't sure what to do about the warp from farm to shed and back, if that would mess things up. I DO know how to do my own floors and walls though, so yay!

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