Boss Desert Worm Boss: Earth Claw

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    So i have an idea for a boss and i want to post it because i find it pretty cool
    so here it is

    Name: Desert Claw

    like that but it should be bigger and a bit more detailed but this is
    just the basic of how i think it should look like :)

    Poison Sample (something i made up)
    you can throw it to poison enemies or use it on any kind of weapon to add a poison effect to it (additionaly to any effect so you can do fire+poison at the same time)

    you have to use a Worm Lamp made with
    15 Steel Bars
    5 Torches
    5 Wood
    500 Pixels
    (or if you think it should be more/less just adjust it :) )
    also it can only spawn on desert planets

    It moves by jumping out of the ground high into the air (about 20 blocks) releasing a cloud of sand which hinders your vision and burrows again and makes another cloud of sand

    You get damaged for 30 Damage when you collide with it

    It's basic attack is when it's in the middle of the jump it spits about 10 poison balls (in a shotgun kind of type of shooting)
    which poison you (obviously) and do about 20 DMG

    It's second attack is that it can go to the ground and charge through the ground leaving gust behind it and if you hit it while it's doing that you take 35 Damage (it charges at the ground so it's simple to avoid)

    and it can spawn smaller worm minions (which don't have the claws)
    which can just jump out and into the ground and do less damage (15)

    HP: 1250
    Armor: 5
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