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  1. FirnenYT

    FirnenYT Void-Bound Voyager

    You’re playing on a private Starbound server with a bunch of friends. It’s a private world, of course, so you’re all a bit surprised when this message appears on the Universe chat:
    “Server: Worldwide Mode Activated”. While you’re all puzzling over what it means, and the fact the initials spell out WMA, or Windows Media Audio, another player joins the server. Godmodder477.
    It takes him only a few seconds to spawn next to you, but in that time, the world begins expanding, turning 3-dimensional. Slowly, the hills and valleys flatten out until you find yourselves in human bodies, standing on a huge expanse of green grass. It seems to go forever, completely flat. All the planets above you, the background behind and all objects disappear. So do your inventories.
    You prepare to press ‘a’ on your keyboard when everything becomes clear; the reason you can’t see your computer screen is because you are inside the computer now; you are one with the game. Now you can move your arms and so much more than you ever dreamed of.
    “How’s it going?” asks Godmodder477, wearing a casual set of denim jeans and a purple t-shirt.
    “What have you done?!” you and your friends ask in unison. Godmodder477 shrugs.
    “What I always do.”

    First and foremost, this game is NOT a roleplay; you do not need some backstory or even a name to play.

    The Godmodder can be defeated through creative forms of attack that cannot be godmodded/deflected. However, if an attack damages the Godmodder, he cannot be damaged the same way again.
    You must pick a side: Against the Godmodder (the recommended side), Pro-Godmodder, or Neutral.
    You may also charge more powerful attacks in addition to base attacks. These charged attacks will deal much more damage, and may one-hit weaker creatures! The limit for charging attacks is 100 posts.
    In addition to this charging, you may also summon entities to fight for you. They can be from your imagination, from pop culture or even from Starbound. The Godmodder will determine their attack power and health, however you may provide a base idea. Just as with charged attacks, making them take more posts to summon also increases their health, attack and abilities.
    You may also build structures in the same way as with charged attacks; for example a small fort could be created.

    For posting on this thread, in-between the times I, the Godmodder, post an "EoTB" or End of Turn Battle on this thread, (it will be headed EoTB ) is a "turn" or "session".
    You are permitted 2 posts per turn, but with no double-posting. If you want to ask a question or discuss without wasting a post, do /null at the top of your post, or put all the text in brackets.
    Also, the more attacks you use in one post, the less powerful they are.

    Relating to entities and charging:
    If an entity is killed, it cannot be resummoned. Charges can only be boosted by 1 per post, unless you receive extra charges from a fellow player. You can help another players' charges by boosting them by one point each one of your posts. This allows for projects to be quickly finished through teamwork. At any time, you may only have 3 entities/charges in progress, and 3 alchemies.
    You also may not begin a charge with no express purpose in mind. All charges must have a purpose when they are created.

    Bosses of all faction types will rarely enter the battle. When defeated, they will drop powerful items known as Spoils of War. These items are reusable, and are kept in a spoiler on the main page, along with who owns them. When used, they will perform their function and then enter a cooldown mode. Each turn, their cooldown will decrease until they can be used again.
    The spoils obtained from a boss will automatically go to the one who finishes it off.

    If you need an extra buff for your attacks, use the Alchemiter. The Alchemiter is a machine that can be used at any time. It takes two or more items and turns them into a stronger, single item. Using alchemy, you can create stronger weapons with special abilities. This can make them do more damage!

    Alchemiting works by taking two or more items and alchemiting them. For the purposes of this example, they will be a Kitten and a Sword. Using the Alchemiter, you can combine them in two different ways: && (AND) and || (OR). The way you combine the items will change the output of both items.

    If you choose to use &&, the two items will be combined, with one gaining the properties of the other. So: Kitten && Sword could make a Sword Kitten, a sword that meows and has a personality.

    If you instead use the || combination, a Sword and a Kitten could make a Kitten Sword, a sword that looks like a kitten but is wielded as a sword.

    With these two items, you can make almost infinite things! The possibilities are endless! Depending on how powerful the items are, it will take longer to create them. Level 1 alchemies will take 2 posts to make, while Level 5 alchemies will take 6 posts to make. Once that's done, you can use the alchemy in combat! Keep in mind you can only make three alchemies at any time.

    Here is a list of how long it takes for different levels:

    Lvl. 1 = 2 posts
    Lvl. 2 = 3 posts
    Lvl. 3 = 4 posts
    Lvl. 4 = 5 posts
    Lvl. 5 = 6 posts
    Lvl. 6 = 7 posts

    ...and so on. The maximum level is 20, requiring 21 charges!

    The echeladder, the final thing to cover, will be updated regularly and kept in a spoiler. It contains all alignments of the players, and with the exception of a huge betrayal (i.e: if there is a boss on your side that is almost dead, and you want it's spoils of war, you could finish it off, take the spoils and switch sides) you cannot change faction.

    I think that's about it! :D

    Turn 1:
    I begin summoning a giant eagle: 1/3
    I also find some random knives and chuck them at the Godmodder. I then proceed to build a wall to protect myself from the Godmodder's attacks (1/10)+1 to name

    Turn 2:
    I continue summoning the giant eagle! 2/3
    I also add to my wall! 2/10
    To prevent angering the Godmodder, I do not attack him.

    Turn 3:
    My giant eagle is summoned! 3/3 (cannot be used this turn)
    I add to my wall! 4/10 (+1 from namenamename)
    Using some scraps I found, I begin alchemizing something:
    Scrap of Metal x2 && Doge Toy == Armoured Battle Doge Statue (Level 4) 1/5
    I give +1 to namenamename

    Turn 4:
    I command my giant eagle to swoop the Godmodder violently!
    I also add to my wall! 7/10 (+1 from namenamename and +1 from othername)
    Scrap of Metal x2 && Doge Toy == Armoured Battle Doge Statue (Level 4) 2/5
    +1 to namenamename

    ...and so on.

    Example of an End of Turn Battle (EoTB
    The Godmodder dodges your dust!

    He mindcontrols your eagle to swoop you instead, then proceeds to kick your wall! -1 charge!
    The Godmodder summons a Verocious Bunny Rabbit!
    The Verocious Rabbit leaps at the Giant Eagle! -1000 HP! The Giant Eagle is unable to move due to the rabies now consuming it!

    Giant Eagle: HP 6000/7000 (Infected)
    Verocious Bunny Rabbit: HP 6000/6000
    Godmodder: HP 100/100

    AG - Anti-Godmodder. Just wants to play Starbound, and wants to get the pesky Godmodder off their server.
    PG - Pro-Godmodder. Wants the godmodder to win. There can only be one of these players at a time
    N - Neutral. Should have no interest in attacking either side, or if attacking, attack the stronger one
    H - Hostile. Attacks everything
    BOSS - Powerful Monster, can be on any alignment (H, PG, AG, N). The one who deals the final blow to such a creature will be awarded a powerful item (A spoil of war) that can be reused

    NOTE: Players can only be in PG, N or AG

    DustyScabbard: --
    FirnenYT: Godmodder
    MegaKitty4: --
    adr: --
    Firepaw da Cat: --

    (Of course, the necessary references apply to TT2000, the original creator of this gamemode.)

    Godmodder HP: 100/100
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  2. DustyScabbard

    DustyScabbard Spaceman Spiff

    Huh, I was actually thinking of starting this game here myself. Point to you for beating me to it. Well, here goes nothing.
    Start building a base, because everyone knows that we're going to need it.
    (I assume this needs a +1 charge?)
  3. FirnenYT

    FirnenYT Void-Bound Voyager

    @DustyScabbard You need to set an amount of charges for your base (i.e: 10 is a good amount for a base if it's not fortified or anything). Your base does not need +1's to be finished. Every time you post, it adds a +1 automatically. So you could make it by yourself. +1's from others make it be built faster.

    Also, on your first post, specify your faction (PG, N or AG)

    As you did not specify what type, you have begun building a small fort (1/10)

    Example turn (none of this will happen as it's an example):

    I begin summoning a giant eagle: 1/5
    I also find some random knives and chuck them at the Godmodder.
    I then proceed to build a wall to protect myself from the Godmodder's attacks (1/10)
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2016
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  4. DustyScabbard

    DustyScabbard Spaceman Spiff

    Thank you for the information, I'll be sure to keep that in mind for the future. Glad that this happened on the first page too, that way people don't have to go looking far for this.
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  5. FirnenYT

    FirnenYT Void-Bound Voyager


    The Godmodder summons an immensely large, but friendly looking, kitten ten feet tall just to watch you. It sits a few feet from the base of your base and cleans itself.

    Immense-but-currently-friendly-kitten: HP 1000/1000
    Godmodder: HP 100/100
  6. DustyScabbard

    DustyScabbard Spaceman Spiff

    The base continues begin built, adding metal reinforcements to the outside for cover: 2/10
    I also wave to the kitten, knowing full well about cat greeting protocols due to the large amount of cats I know here.
  7. FirnenYT

    FirnenYT Void-Bound Voyager


    For your kind greeting, the kitten adds +1 to your base

    The Godmodder spawns a huge oak forest to the north-west.
    Current battlefield: image.jpeg

    Immense-but-currently-friendly-kitten: HP 1000/1000 (Tamed: |||||)
    Godmodder: HP 100/100
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  8. MitKit

    MitKit Phantasmal Quasar

    I add barbed-wire fencing around the perimeter of the base (5/10).
    I also feed the cat to make sure it wouldn't eat me.
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  9. FirnenYT

    FirnenYT Void-Bound Voyager

    ERROR: It's only actually 4/10 atm, until dusty posts again. Also, you can give charges to him to build the base faster.
    The cat purrs loudly after you feed it a whole salmon, but now it wants MOAR. One salmon will not feed a ten-foot kitten.

    One other thing: what alignment are you? PG, N or AG?
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  10. DustyScabbard

    DustyScabbard Spaceman Spiff

    I continue to build up the base, adding turrets and towers to the structure: 4/10
    Then I transmogrify the giant cat into my good friend, @Firepaw Da Cat
  11. FirnenYT

    FirnenYT Void-Bound Voyager


    Thanks to Mighty Kitty's help, the base is now at 5/10.
    Trans"mog"rifying the cat into Firepaw was not a good idea; instead of finishing the taming part of turning the cat into your minion (which was 1/5 complete), the now extremely hungry two-headed (mog means cat, and transmogrifying it gave it two heads, one Firepaw's, and the other the cat's old head) and now very angry cat attacks your fort. -1 building to the fort (back to 4/10).
    However, luckily @MightyKitty4 added some barbed wire. The cat hurts itself badly on the wire and retreats into the forest, to return later.

    To encourage some fighting against him, the Godmodder begins summoning something in the forest (1/6).
    On the bright side, you successfully summoned @Firepaw Da Cat (if he joins).

    Godmodder: HP 100/100
    Forest Creature: Arriving in 5 turns
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  12. Firepaw Da Cat

    Firepaw Da Cat The Fluffy Cat

    (Oh hey, this looks kinda interesting. How exactly do I join in?)
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  13. DustyScabbard

    DustyScabbard Spaceman Spiff

    (All you have to do is say something you want to do to fight off a godmodder in Starbound. So, really anything is possible, because we must godmod to kill him.)
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  14. FirnenYT

    FirnenYT Void-Bound Voyager

    Yeah, something like that. Look at the "Example Turns"
  15. Firepaw Da Cat

    Firepaw Da Cat The Fluffy Cat

    I prepare a spell to remove the other cat head and make us into separate creatures again 1/5
    (Is that a proper move?)
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  16. FirnenYT

    FirnenYT Void-Bound Voyager


    Oh! So you are one with the cat atm? Cool!
    (You can tell the others where it is in the forest then)
    Successfully casting this spell will separate you.

    Yes, that is a valid move.
    The enraged kitten knocks a huge tree over in the forest. Firepaw manages to pick up a sharp stick

    Enraged-Firepaw-10-foot-kitten: HP 1000/1000
    Godmodder: HP 100/100
    Forest Creature: Arriving in 4 turns
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2016
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  17. adr

    adr Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    gives 10 feet tall cat 69 fishes
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  18. The Squid

    The Squid Oxygen Tank

    I summon my helicopter, which has giant flamethrowers attached, and use it to start a forest fire in the forest.
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  19. FirnenYT

    FirnenYT Void-Bound Voyager


    @The Squid
    You start a forest fire in the forest! 3 turns until it completes! The Godmodder kicks your helicopter into oblivion! Congrats! You also enraged the forest creature!

    Unfortunately players are invincible, but it still takes you several hours to find your missing head. Note: feeding cats that are mad is not a good idea when they are three metres tall. On the bright side, after slashing you up, the cat is less enraged! +1 to @Firepaw Da Cat spell.

    Half-calmed-ten-foot-Firepaw-kitten: HP 1000/1000
    Godmodder: HP 100/100
    Enraged Forest Creature: Arriving in 3 turns
    Forest Fire: 3 turns till end
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  20. MitKit

    MitKit Phantasmal Quasar

    Well... I start building a tank out of scraps (1/10)

    /Null: if that's how it works...
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