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Developers, please give us back our racial weapons.

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Midnight Specter, Dec 24, 2016.


Should Chucklefish bring us back our racial weapons?

  1. YES FFS

    29 vote(s)
  2. Nope

    2 vote(s)
  1. Midnight Specter

    Midnight Specter Void-Bound Voyager

    You took away racial weapons, and said that you'll add "something even better". Yeah, ok, I see that you're trying to do your best with these new legendary weapons (half of which do less than 10 damage per hit), but it's just not enough. Weaponry was much better, we had a good amount of choice to choose different kinds of weapons, and you took it all away.Now it's only 3 viable weapon types (swords, axes, hammers) and 2 not viable ones (daggers, gloves).
    Chucklefish, please, damnit.

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  2. Ludux

    Ludux Void-Bound Voyager

    Have you not.. played the game in awhile? There are literally dozens of weapon types.
  3. Midnight Specter

    Midnight Specter Void-Bound Voyager

    I'm talking about melee weapons. They nerfed axes, they added useless fist weapons and removed a crap ton of racial weapons. And gave us some changed legendaries. Lame.
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  4. Nazja

    Nazja Pangalactic Porcupine

    You forgot spears, and to be honest, I'd say that daggers are far more useable than the slow hammers and axes. :nuruwink:

    That said, I agree with you, but for other reasons. Being able to craft your preferred weapon type at any time, for any tier would certainly be nice, but considering how easy it is to acquire better, procedurally generated weapons, I don't really have an issue with being able to craft only 2 weapons/tier. Most of the time, I've found a far better weapon by the time I can craft them.

    The reason why I want more racial weapons is flavour. Just like my characters' ships and armour, I want their weapons to match their race. The Ancient Forge and boss weapons were a nice start, but I want more!

    I'd love to see the Thorny Needler and Maucahuitl (the sword wielded by Avian guards) as unique legendary weapons, for example. :nuruhype:

    The sprites are there, so why not use them? :nuruconfused:
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  5. AVSManfred

    AVSManfred Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Honestly thats just a drop in the ocean of lost content friend, but well maybe we can get this one drop back at least
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  6. Midnight Specter

    Midnight Specter Void-Bound Voyager

    Oh, yeah, spears.

    The real reason why I miss the racial weapons, is the whole set of Hylotl racial axes. They were unique and looked like sickles/scythes, which I found neat. Now they are gone and I've found no replacement for them in the vanilla game whatsoever.
  7. Fl0wil

    Fl0wil Aquatic Astronaut

    Yes! They must give us racial weapons! Even if they didn't have unique special attack, they had unique appearance!
  8. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The Waste of Time

    This whole thread is... racist...

    Ba-dum tss!

    Factually speaking, there are FAR more melee weapons now than there were with racial weapons. And personally, the slanted aesthetic of them was really lame. Only a few actually looked reasonable.
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  9. AVSManfred

    AVSManfred Subatomic Cosmonaut

    pffff well still much rather old racial weapon desing than post Giraffie desing of some randomly generated weapons, seriously some weapon families(for e.g. axes) ended up looking like total wierdos, and about that Far more melee weapons, well this is not that much if you could count everything what got removed over time, and fact these new weapons are mostly new types deosen't change that they're poor replacment for what existed in past :p
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  10. STCW262

    STCW262 Heliosphere

    I personally don't miss the old racial weapons at all, as all they did was break the game since they were better than most randomly-generated weapons at their tiers at first, and, in later updates, they were the same. Apart from that, all of them acted the same way and were the same kind of weapons (Except for Novakid guns), so they were basically boring, OP weapons at first, and then just boring weapons that did nothing special.
  11. Midnight Specter

    Midnight Specter Void-Bound Voyager

    The looks were unique. Now all weapons look basically almsot the same.
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  12. tehcavy

    tehcavy Ketchup Robot

    Modders feel your pain.

    Speaking of which, I actually miss racial weapons, but for a different reason; specifically because current arsenal is utter crap. Why can't I craft a Titanium sword or any shield which is not made of Iron, why all those weapons are underpowered to the point it never makes sense to craft one since whatever you have now is probably way better, where are all endgame weapons (Separator? One-handed toothpick and two-handed downgrade from Protector Sword instead of smorgasbord of melee implements it should be. Accelerator? Reduced to a Gnome Gun tryhard cousin and a goddamn bow. Manipulator? Out of fourteen staves, two per each race, with their own distinct abilities we got left with two absolutely impotent pieces of excrement), and frankly, there isn't even a point to craft anvils anymore aside from EPPs since you can buy armor from traders.
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  13. Unikram

    Unikram Industrial Terraformer

    I craft 'em because the armor looks cool and violium sword best sword.

    But anyways, it's a shame I never got to join before the big updates...
    I always wondered what kind of racial weapons there were (I've seen things like durasteel snipers and otherwordly swords...) and I'd really like'ta see 'em.
  14. Gon009

    Gon009 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Forgetting about racial weapons for a moment, to be honest, personally in my eyes most of legendary weapons are gimmicks that are fun to use for a while but aren't viable enough to make them worth. Boomerangs, fist weapons, whips.. yeah, they offer different play styles but they are still inferior to more versatile weapons. It's like with Sphere Techs, different techs may be fun gimmicks for a while but Spike ball gives even more mobility and beats all other Spheres. Other legendaries have situational secondary attacks making them weak comparing to their generated equivalents. I hoped that vault anvil would allow us to for example raise rarity of generated weapons(it sucks that some secondary attacks are available ONLY to common quality).
  15. STCW262

    STCW262 Heliosphere

    Well, the racial weapons were that all races but Novakids could craft all melee weapons.
    Said crafted weapons were all reskins: It didn't matter if the weapon was an Apex or Avian weapon: Both had the same stats and the same cost. Apart from their unique skins, their secondary fires were all the same. Before armor got damage multipliers, they tended to make melee weapons of their tiers obsolete: An iron axe would be better than almost all T1 axes.
    Novakids, meanwhile, could craft pistols and sniper rifles (In this regard, they now have improved varieity: Now they can also craft shotguns, machine pistols, and assault rifles). They didn't have anything unique back then, either.
    Back then, one of the main balancing issues was exactly that: The crafted weapons were consistently better than anyhting that could be found or bought, even if it was a rare weapon, so there was little point in searching for weapons.
    That was mostly about the "normal" racial weapons. The staves (Wands didn't exist back then) were technically racial, but the player could craft all of them anyways; which compensated how there were no randomly-generated staves, and only a few found ones (Notably, there was a flesh-themed staff that could be either rarely found or obtained from Flesh Biome-themed tenants).
    Lastly, there were also non-racial craftable guns, which were only crafted at the Accelerator's Table, and which were also better than found guns at their tiers.
    Out of said guns, only the Aegisalt Pistol remains, and it used to look and behave like a normal pistol. Apart from that, there were also the Aegisalt Rifle (AnAssault rifle), the Aegishot (A Shotgun), and also 3 Ferozium guns (Back then, Ferozium was an Aegisalt-based alloy, and the staves used now-removed Rubium and Cerulium): The Ferozium Rifle (Same as the Aegisalt rifle, but stronger), Ferozium Sniper Rifle (A Sniper Rifle), Ferozium Launcher (Which was, for a time, the only one of these guns that didn't fire some sort of energy bolts before they were changed so they fired normal bullets), and the Ferozium Pistol.
    The 2-handed guns didn't have a Secondary Attack once they were added, so it was more effective to make 2 Pistols instead.
  16. Charlatan

    Charlatan Parsec Taste Tester

    is this a troll thread?

    "(half of which do less than 10 damage per hit)"...... I don't even remember the time my character last had a melee weapon only dealing 10 damage

    "2 not viable ones" ..... Short Swords and Daggers, if used correctly, can stunlock humanoid enemies completely, making them fully defenseless against you

    The only point where you are correct is that fist weapons are behind the rest.
  17. AVSManfred

    AVSManfred Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Honestly it's true that racial weapons were usually stronger than randomly generated but it happened to me to find some randomly generated weapons equally strong or even stronger than racials, and it wasn't even some extremly rare, considering that if weapon had slightly lower damage but really decent secondary attack it could make it stronger, also about thouse craftable guns, seriously in every posible class of ranged weapon, mebye despite bows, i had at least 2 or 3 randomly generated that were stronger than touse, they really weren't as OP as you say.

    Well one more thing i really miss are the "racial drop" weapons, thouse randomly generated specific weapons that could drop only from racial dungeon enemies and had not only a uniqe style, but were making this game even more fun to explore and collect this gear
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  18. STCW262

    STCW262 Heliosphere

    They were really OP BEFORE armor got the Damage Multipliers. Back then, for instance, the Ferozium 2-handed weapons had 582 DPS, and pretty much no randomgen guns would have such a high DPS (The closest I personally saw was a Sticky Plasma Shotgun with 581 DPS). This was in the early Giraffe updates.
    Once damage multipliers were added, however, they were more balanced, but less unique.

    As for the "Racial drop" weapons, their lack is even worse when there's still a few weapons that could have the same effect, but, for some reason, don't drop (Such as the thorn-firing guns used by some Floran NPCs).
  19. tehcavy

    tehcavy Ketchup Robot

    Back before armor modifiers (that was Colony Update, I belive?) there wasn't even such concept as balance. Like, it was just one huge mess, with few thousand DPS guns, allmighty grenade launchers, axes so powerfull they destroy blocks, and the only way you still had enemies to fight is that said enemies cosplayed JRPG mobs and had six-digit numbers for health.

    And this doesn't cancel the fact that RIGHT NOW craftable weapons aren't even worth their cost. As well as most uniques, but that's a bone to pick for another time.

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