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Discussion in 'Mods' started by glowy, Jan 24, 2017.

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    Hello, everyone! I'm currently making a mod that enriches the romances of the game by adding lots of new romance-centric lines for all the bachelors/bachelorettes, since I found Stardew Valley a bit lackluster in the romance department. As I'm an aspiring narrative designer for video games, I thought it would be something not only fun for me to do, but also to perhaps get my work some publicity. Right now, I'm working on Sam, since he was the first person I married.

    I'm using XNB modding to do this, editing characters' dialogue .yaml files. I have no experience in C# and, frankly, currently don't have time to learn it (I'm a full-time game design student), so I'd rather stay away from SMAPI modding if at all possible. Maybe I'll have time during the summer, but that's not for a long while, and I'd like to get as much done on this mod as I can sooner rather than later.

    To get to my problem, though: For even more immersion, I also want to add lines for your in-laws and/or extended family. That is what I am currently having trouble with. I want to have lines of dialogue referencing your children from people that are not your spouse, but I can't seem to find a way to make people (Jodi, in this specific case) recognize when you have kids and then reference them. (I have found that you can make her say the kids' names, but that's without a check to make sure you actually have the kid in question in the first place. If you don't have the kid I try to make her reference, she'll just say "the first/second baby", which is interesting but not terribly helpful.)

    Although I'm not quite there yet, I also anticipate having problems with non-in-laws recognizing your marriage with specific people (for example, Vincent recognizing you as his sibling in-law and also referencing your children as his niece/nephew (I'll probably have lines of dialogue addressing how strange that is since he's a kid himself haha)). I haven't tried doing any dialogue along those lines yet so I'm not sure if the "in_law" check will work or not, but I thought I'd mention it anyways because it will probably be the next thing I need help with if I get the first problem solved.

    Thanks in advance for advice and help!
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    • Mr.Mudkipss

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      unfortunately, there is no 'child' dialogue string. The 'in_law' tag is the only marriage-specific dialogue tag for NPCs.
      • glowy

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        Dang. That's too bad, but I'm not surprised.

        Do you know if there's a way that I could add a tag/check myself (presumably through SMAPI)? For now I guess I'll stick to what I can do in XNB, but if I find the time in the future I might want to go in and do more advanced stuff.

        Thank you for the info!
        • Mr.Mudkipss

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          you probably can! I'd ask someone more adept at SMAPI tho, i am but a simple XNB modder

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