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    I know this may seem like a small thing for the developers to put in, but this game has a lot of variety and I feel this could add to it. Like you know how you can always find new and interesting things to do on a different planet or in one of the five sectors the game has to offer. the many animals you can find, the different trees and trying to find the multiple special locations you can find within the game. Now to try and prove my point I recolored the ships, to suit what I would like to play with, so enjoy. =)

    Human Ship New.png

    This was the first one I started to work on, since as always the humans tend to be my favorite race, for this one I decided to change the exhaust on the ship to show that other aspect's of the ship could be changed as well.​
    This ship is called the Protector.

    (By the way for this one I spent about three hours re-textured it... Paint)

    Glitch Ship New.png

    To try and keep with the style of the Glitch I decided to go with an off-white, to stay with the medieval theme I made it fell like a knight in armor. This ship is the white knight.

    Hyotyl ship.png

    Though it may seem like it could you could only change the base color in this ship, you can also change the color of the blue lights on the hull of the ship. This ship is called the Samor.

    Floran Ship New.png
    For the Floran ship I wanted to keep the sort of rusty feel of the ship, but I did change the color of the foliage on the ship to match my Floran's leave color. (To show that they grow with the ship.) The blue on the engines and human parts can be changed independently to the foliage color.
    This ship is called the Oppressor.

    Avian Ship New.png
    This avian ship shows that the flyer is not a part of the regular avian religion. That they have been cast out, thus the color has been removed from much of the ship. The crystals could also change color if the player wanted it to.
    This ship is called the Falcon

    Apex Ship New.png

    This ship color may seem odd to you but I thought of making it seem like a stealth ship, due to the fact that the apex aboard is ether an outcast or part of the resistance. I really like how this one came out as well, the Humans may be my favorite race but the apex ship definitively takes the cake. This ship is called the Shadow.

    Now I hope you guys enjoy this little Idea I came up with. So for people who like things summed up. This is what I was thinking for ship customization.

    Multiple base colors for the main color of the ship.

    Several colors to choose from for smaller aspects of the ship.

    The ability to also name your ship, for multilayer purposes.

    So feel free to add anything to this and lets hope that some form of color customization can be added to the ships in the future​
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    A little known fact about Medieval Castles is back in their heyday they were a gleaning white because they were painted with Limestone.
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    Like this idea, add's a bit more detail.
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