Different textured cobblestone (The way you mined it)

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Do you agree that cobblestone should be the same as the stone that is mined up?

  1. Yes, it adds a layer of realism, and gives me more blocks to build with.

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  2. No, cobble stone is just cobblestone. It's much easier to leave it at the same gray default stack.

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  1. Caelorum

    Caelorum Subatomic Cosmonaut

    So, I have a problem with the cobblestone in this game. On one planet i've been excavating, cobblestone constantly changes into a bunch of different forms.

    From regular gray cobblestone, to purple cobblestone, to some kind of creepy bone looking cobblestone. While this feature is incredible, because it makes planets very unique, mining the stone has been a huge problem for me.

    I expected to mine stone A, and it look just like stone A. Then mine stone B, and it look just like stone B.

    However, when I mine stones B, C, D, E........ They automatically turn back into the dull gray cobblestone that is the default for most planets.

    I think this not only takes away from the realism, but also ruins thousands of crafting opportunities for player houses/structures.

    I believe whatever you mine, should be the exact same look and texture that you place back on the ground. No changing it back to boring gray cobblestone again.
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  2. Osmedirez

    Osmedirez Phantasmal Quasar

    Seconded. I'd actually be even more in favor of these different 'cobblestone's to have differentiated names as well.
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  3. vernadead

    vernadead Big Damn Hero

    Yes and yes.. Regular grey old cobblestone is uninspiring.
    I have a hunch that this will be implemented later in the beta. It's just a hunch but I hope it's true
  4. Caelorum

    Caelorum Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I really hope so. It just doesn't make sense to have all these dirt blocks that change their texture and color, but not cobblestone

    I agree. Kind of like how moonstone or soft brick is a different named block.
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  5. Bizzycakes

    Bizzycakes Space Hobo

    I like, 24th this!! Love the look of the soft brick, but can't seem to get any without destroying those racist birds village... which I'm not opposed to doing since they are Floran haters =[
  6. ommynouts

    ommynouts Space Hobo

    i have 7 different cobblestones and they are ALL GREY

  7. Caelorum

    Caelorum Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Yyyep. You can't combine them, and the game considers them different. But theyre all just the same old gray. However my 20 different dirt blocks are blue, green, red, etc.
    I'm hoping its just a bug, not an oversight on game design.
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  8. Incinerain

    Incinerain Starship Captain

    Well there ar eother ways to get soft brick.
    I found a creepy-ass subterranean dollhouse biome partially made of soft brick!
  9. MyLittleBurger

    MyLittleBurger Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    You don't mine cobblestone, you mine un-refined stone.

    That being said, it would be nice if the cobblestone dropped by un-refined stone would have either a different pattern, or color that is based off of how the stone looked like.

    This also goes for un-refined wood that you get from trees, in that you always get the same type of un-refined wood from all of the trees (except one), when instead it should allow for different types of unrefined things.

    All in all I don't see how it would be that hard for them to add it, aside from adding the graphics in for the different cobblestone blocks, along with any other code that makes that cobble stone correspond to the different textures of the un-refined stone.
  10. Incinerain

    Incinerain Starship Captain

    EDIT: Also your floran eat people including their own I think it's understandable to be a tad apprehensive.
    I play hylotl and I usually leave them alone if they dont attack despite ninety percent of the thigns they say being some variation of 'die fish.'
  11. Incinerain

    Incinerain Starship Captain

    But it *does* come out as cobblestone ingame already. WHich IS somewhat odd, but-
    And yeah I hate that one darker wood that you can't burn; we need the multitude of wood that count as the same thing for crafting purposes.
    To bring up That Game Which I'll Name Anyways, Terraria had a good system: Most items can be crafted with any of the woods (mahogany, pearl, ebon, shade, spooky and basic) but the simplest items have their own variations by wood type.
    It'd be wicked sweet for, as obviously one of the last things to add, maybe on release only, a good variety of wood platforms/planks, stone furnaces, and /packed dirt, please/
    I'm always really off-put by packing verdant green dirt into this brown... dirty... color.

    Imagine being able to use the steelwood or geometrees as they more or less appeared in the wild.

    But yeah I imagine this is one of those things that's probably been discussed to death and undeath many times over tbh
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  12. MyLittleBurger

    MyLittleBurger Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I wouldn't doubt that they will likely add it at some point, if they already have one alternate wood that can be used to make different chests and the like, then they could do it with the rest. This is however not counting the un-refined wood that you find in the little floran huts, that seem to be a different texture than normal un-refined wood.
  13. Incinerain

    Incinerain Starship Captain

    SLightly off-topic, but:

    delta luxsol 5314 i
    -9827615 // 41346310
    at the bottom of a floran dungeon past a steep hill not too far from spawn west is entrance to a dollhouse biome if you jsut dig through the wall

    The dollhouse biome's made of soft brick
  14. Oshkell

    Oshkell Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I would totally like to see different colored/textured stone that has an appearance similar to the stone you mine it from!
  15. Amused2Death

    Amused2Death Aquatic Astronaut

    I can agree with this on one condition. The only problem with this is how it can bloat your inventory. As is, inventory can take up tons of inventory space with all the building material they already have in game.

    What I want to see is some better inventory management tools along with this. Example: If you have 15 different types of cobblestone/dirt blocks/ etc. then let them take up 1 slot in inventory and when I hover over that slot, maybe it gives me a drop down menu that would allow me to select the type of cobblestone I want to use. Along with this, allow it to auto-sort itself as I am collecting.

    As it stands atm, it is almost overwhelming and adding to that chaos with more in more types is going to make it more and more difficult to manage. Sure we can deal with it, but if we are dreaming, then i'll dream big.
  16. Incinerain

    Incinerain Starship Captain

    I completely agree with what you're saying and the other day had pretty much the same idea on how to do that but atm they already take up seperate inventory slots and that's where the complaint arises most.
    We have ten plus different but indistinguishable types of cobblestone to deal with and it's not fun
  17. Deliro

    Deliro Void-Bound Voyager

    So.. I would like to see only one cobblestone's texture regardless of depth at which you get him or have an opportunity to crafting this for a decorative component

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