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Feedback Disappointment: Peacekeepers locked to Fiery Stars

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Vewerein, Jun 21, 2019.


Does anyone else feel disappointed that the maxed rank is limited to Fiery Stars?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Vewerein

    Vewerein Big Damn Hero

    I was not expecting the Bounty Hunter update to actually release, and in all my honesty it was the most enjoyable experience in my time playing. The addition of the Peacekeepers solved almost every of my issues playing this game by providing an interesting and fun motivation to explore the near infinite galaxy. During my time rising through the ranks of the Peacekeepers I was having an absolute blast playing as the bounty hunter and actually exploring. It forced me to go to planets I would normally ignore due to no actual reason to visit as I have already experienced all of the generated dungeons that they had to offer. But with 1.14 those previously dulled out and overly seen dungeons became actual pleasant surprises when my current bounty target happened to be nearby. It gave the generated structures character and helped tell a story with all of the targets as to why they were there and hiding away. Although the missions would soon repeat itself as is the limit of having generated content, the mixture of all of the previous dungeons and all of the variety of planets made each adventure unique and exciting.

    With all of that being said, by the time I reached the final rank of Peacekeeper I was met with a severely disappointing realization that all of those fun adventures ended here as I the player had been locked to the max tiered Peacekeeper Station. These stations are only located in Fiery Stars. All of the variety that I had experienced while rising the ranks suddenly became obsolete as I realized that every further adventure would be set only to those planets generated by the Fiery Star systems.

    I was hoping the release of the Bounty Hunter update would supply us with a reason to explore and go back to all of the old planet systems and make the galaxy feel like an actual adventure, but being stuck in the Fiery Star systems lead the update to follow the same problem I had in the beginning. That there were no reason to explore anymore.

    Everything in the update far exceeded my expectations, and while rising the ranks it was one of the most enjoyable experiences I had in this game. Perhaps if the maxed ranked Peacekeepers could be assigned to lower ranked stations, or perhaps generate the final tiered stations in lower tiered stars then it would be much more enjoyable.
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  2. M_Sipher

    M_Sipher Oxygen Tank

    I mean, by the time you get to post-Nox bounty huntings, odds are you're gonna be maxed-stats anyway and the individual bounties aren't going to be particularly challenging. Hell, I'd think it'd be MORE challenging to have to notch down your gear to capture the rare monsters in lower-tier missions instead of killing them.

    I'm also not wild about constantly changing precincts, leading to the lack of a teleporter. Surely the bounty board can be re-set with a new gang WITHOUT having to generate an entirely-new precinct? Which would allow for the addition of a teleporter because having to travel back and forth is a pain? (I mean, yeah, you can just accept all the bounties on the board at once, do them all, then go back when they're all done, but STILL, it feels like a waste of time and fuel. Personally, I cheat by turning off protection on the precinct and slapping a Peacekeeper Teleporter in there. Yeah I gotta erase a teleporter bookmark every new precinct, but still.)

    If this something where changing precints is to not run out of local planets, okay, sure... but at this point, is "local" really meaningful? It costs me the same amount of fuel to jump to any star no matter how far away it is. Hell, if you let bounties be on non-Fiery stars, that alone radically expands the number of potential gang planets around a singular precinct without expanding the "physical" range you travel.

    I LIKE the update, I'm enjoying the hunt for the gang weapons (I need, NEED that yappy-dino-head-on-stick weapon), but, again, there's a few things that just... are just off enough to sour it slightly.

    (Also f***ing nerf Nox, seriously, I hated being gated out from more hunting by having to do that unfair slog of a fight with a predictive damage-sponge.)
  3. Kordharin

    Kordharin Big Damn Hero

    I haven't done any Bounty Hunting after taking down Nox, but I hear you. It'd be nice to have to go all over the universe for the post-endgame Bounties, but also going to every Star System on the way.

    Yeah, the Swansong's first phase takes forever to kill. Most of it can actually be done without you using your Mech. Second phase, though…

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