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    Hello fellow farmers!

    My name is Serafina, known also as Sae or Saely. While being a player on PC and other devices for years and having tried various games, I have come to conclusion before and now once more, that a common channel - something easy for all - is neede for the gaming community.

    Thus, now being here and loving my time being spent on Stardew Valley, I have decided to go ahead and create a Discord Channel for all farmers out there. It's easy to use as a platform and a great one for players to gather, chat, exchange ideas and nowadays, even to host a farm together on pc, switch, etc.

    I am currently looking for members to join. Anyone intersted in that will find a link below and all you got to do is create a discord account - easy steps there - and join the channel!... In addition, I am looking for moderators to join and help me make this place a great one!!

    Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/NBKtS5C

    I hope to see many of you there soon!
    Thank you.
    Good farming to y'all
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