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Bug/Issue Disgusting performance issues.

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Lucky_Cat, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. Lucky_Cat

    Lucky_Cat Intergalactic Tourist

    To get straight to the issue, playing singleplayer, why is it so difficult for me to be on my own ship that I'm experience what it is like playing on a server from the other side of the world who has not paid their monthly bills? What on earth is going on here? Of course I'm well aware of this whole "Internal Server" debacle. I've made sure to use mods appropriately, removing and making sure none of them are a problem. And again, experiencing major issues just for being on my own ship, I can't even access my own teleporter for good long while because that's what lag is. Trying to find a solution here, or at least hear that there's something to be done in actually optimizing. I'm forced to stop playing this game and with my friends because I can't for the life of me destroy a dirt block that's not disappearing off of my own ship until after a few minutes has passed.

    Would be a great deal of service to at least give the time that you should make the next update all about improving this game's performance than adding anything. Its just abysmal, and here I thought Tera was bad when it came to being poorly made but Starbound takes the cake. I just want to have fun, why is it that hard to ask?

    And before any of you ask, I've done complete reinstalls of the game, forcing to play new characters in a clean universe, updated and clean installed my drivers (And reverted back just to be sure), I've actually tried playing on a different computer which is better than my own and still met with the same predicament. I had pretty much scoured the internet for solutions but nothing except for same issues that no one can fix.

    TL;DR - Where is the fix for this lag (not framerate issue)? I've done all common steps I've came across that hoped to fix these issues, nothing. Specs are more than enough to run this optimally but the game doesn't think so. All the mods I've used are not even the issue to begin with. There's a actual and severe optimization issue causing this dreadfully poor performance. Can't tell you how many times I've come to swearing because of how awful this is... Had to make a account on this site to express this.

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