DIY Protectorate Necklace

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    Hello there! I made a post sometime ago where I basically told about my little project, that was making a Protectorate Necklace. Well, I have finally made it

    I wanted to share with you how to do it :)

    What you will need:
    -A 3D Printer or printing service
    -A Computer with internet connection (Kinda obvius)
    -A 3D Modeling program that works with real sizes (Such as Sketchup)
    -A necklace chain
    -In case the holes to put the chain are too small (Like it happened to me), you will need something to fix it

    Okay, let me explain how to do it:

    Step number 1: Download the model
    This is the easiest step. You just gotta go here and download the .obj file. If it downloads a zip file, just uncompress it, and the 3D file should be there.

    Step number 2: Edit and export the model

    Now you must open the model in your favorite 3D modeling software, and paint and resize the model as you wish.

    After it's done, export the model to a file your 3D printer (Or the one from the printer's service) can print (It's most likely to be .stl)

    Step number 3: Print
    Now it's time to set up your printer (Or call the 3D printing service) to get the physical model.

    Step number 4: Finish it
    Now it's time to put the chain (Or something else in case the holes are too small for the chain) and put it around your neck. And that's all, it should be finished :)

    Here's a picture of the model and a photo of my necklace:


    PLEASE NOTE: You can fix and redistribute the model, as long as you give credits and don't sell it. Many fixes can be made, since I am novice modeler.

    Thanks a lot for reading!


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    Cool work!

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