Do hostiles attack your base, is there any point to base defenses?

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  1. bullinamarket

    bullinamarket Space Hobo

    I'm quite new to Starbound and I was wondering whether base defense is a feature in the game, the only time I've seen the turrets being useful is when you bring back mobs yourself (by them following you).

    If not, it's a feature that I feel would impact the game quite a lot if you had a defending element. Where Hostiles would attack your spaceship or try to board it. Or even ship combat.
  2. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Supernova

    Oh man i wish but sadly no.
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  3. Daemoniaque

    Daemoniaque Void-Bound Voyager

    Turrets can be useful if you are the type of guy like me who likes building settements in the surface and without putting them "in a bubble" AND the guard AI is broken for some reason.
  4. SickSix

    SickSix Lucky Number 13

    This does make me sad. The Terraria had the blood moon and that was always fun.

    There needs to be some kind of threat to colonies and maybe even ships and space stations. It should only be at a certain threat level for the planet and star system though. So people can build bases on low threat worlds and not have to worry about it.
  5. Thrifty K

    Thrifty K Aquatic Astronaut

    I personally think that if the devs were to implement base defence or some sort of event system like Terraria into the game it should at least apply to every planet otherwise some may just live on easy-greasy tier 1 planets which would be biggidy-boring.

    P.S. Is this deviating to far from the original post?
  6. SickSix

    SickSix Lucky Number 13

    Who cares if other players don't want to participate in a certain aspect of the game? How does that affect you?
    More options are always better than less.
  7. Thrifty K

    Thrifty K Aquatic Astronaut

    My Apologies, that's a fair point.
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