does the golden clock affect the greenhouse interior?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Huxide, Aug 24, 2018.

  1. Huxide

    Huxide Intergalactic Tourist

    i want to fence around the center of the crops area in the greenhouse, and i wonder if any of you know if the golden clock (which i'm saving up for right now) will prevent any fences that i put in there from decaying.

    the wording in the wiki is not clear about it.
    it specifies an area when talking about debris ("your farm", which may or may not include the separate area which is the greenhouse interior) and in the next sentence says "It also keeps any placed fences from decaying", so that may or may be limited to the area mentioned in the previous sentence (which, again, it isnt clear about whether this includes the greenhouse interior)....
    • Huxide

      Huxide Intergalactic Tourist

      bumping this because posting it in the middle of the night probably wasnt a good choice
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      • Stryder87

        Stryder87 Giant Laser Beams

        I've never tried putting anything in the greenhouse other than crops, stone floor (that I place my sprinklers on so I don't accidentally knock them out of the ground with a hoe) and sprinklers. Can you even put fences in there?
        • Huxide

          Huxide Intergalactic Tourist

          yes, you can. at least on the default wooden-looking flooring around the gardening area

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