Race Dragoknights

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  1. EnderRydel

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    Not surprising. Dragon/Cactus Fruits are a real thing. :p
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  2. GunmanRex

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    The Dragon Fruit travels around a lot in games.
  3. Phantomhearts

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    Dragon Cannon
    Weapon NO.: 1
    Type: Gun
    Speed: Slow (1 projectile per shot)
    "A furious weapon infused with the power of a dragon."
    Black Dragon Cannon (DarkBound)
    Weapon NO.: ????
    Type: Gun
    Speed: Slow (1 projectile per shot)
    "You do not even know our tongue, do you? Such arrogance, to dare take for yourself the name of Dovah!"
    (srry about the whole copy 2 things cant really do the snip thing still new at that)
    So i see someone has been playing Skyrim.
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  4. yoppyx

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    Since your so good at sprites could you make a giraffe cannon for me. Same look but with a giraffe head on it. Your amazing at making sprites can't wait to see this race implemented.:up:
  5. The Demon of Borders

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    You're supposed to use square brackets, or just press reply.
    [quote] This is where the quote goes. [/quote] closes it.
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  6. Nirn

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    I hope you like gifts!
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  7. Ze Melon

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    Skyrim quotes FTW!
  8. Nirn

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  9. LordFlame

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    its agood idea you mentioned a crop too I'm more of a farmer type and volcanic soil which like all volcanic soil should be nutrient rich so it's a well thought out race idea
  10. sρooκs

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    Not a fan of the name but the race is a good idea.
  11. ChaoticGamer

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    is this forum is still going? Oh wait I CPR it :rofl:. I still wish this races had hit the bill board of being one the chosen races -.- *sigh*....
  12. XailentGames

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    Looks really good
  13. Qader

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    Oh God I hope this is in the game as a playable race... really awesome you have all the lore and some models. The weapons would probably be a problem considering the random generation but they might be able to start with those weapons (sort of like a race starts with a weapon of their army). I love the idea, the only problem with putting this in the game is creating more clothing and models for the character. AWESOME IDEA, I hope it gets in!
  14. Qader

    Qader Void-Bound Voyager

    My absolute favourite of all your races. I really hope they get these guys in the game!! :D
  15. Arch-Mage Zandor

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    Shame that this probably won't be happening. I mean, starbound already has a medieval race
  16. Raiden Firewing

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    Just because they have one medival race doesn't mean there can be another...
    and then there are always mods ^^ If this game will be only half as modable as minecraft is (which I bet it will), even if something wont make it in the game I'm damn sure there'll be a mod for it.
  17. Arch-Mage Zandor

    Arch-Mage Zandor Space Kumquat

    I know, I'm just saying it's unlikely they'll put in 2 races that are medieval. And if half the stuff Tiy has said is true it should be very moddable.
  18. I tried to stick the overall body shape as close to the human base sprites used as possible, barring the heads. Either way, I'm aware that armor's gonna take more effort sprite-wise.
    At this point, this race is more or less mod material. It's also not like the Glitch are the only possible medieval race in the galaxy. The Dragoknight's code and conduct slightly varies from that of the Glitch as well. But I digress.
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  19. Sandopwns

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    All of your suggestions are just beautiful.
    I really like this lizard-type race over the other suggestions, i's my favorite.
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  20. Ssj782

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    Knights actually DID kill people to bring them fame.

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