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    To further add to your point crusaders were actully knights because knights were kinda like jerks and only a few followed the knights code. They actully were made for war and so when peace time came in and no war (why not attack the peasents from time to time :3). They actully had wars created for them so they would get these guys out of their villages.
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    Not sure if you have figured this out yet Dragonith, but is the Dragoknight Emperor more like a king or a general? Does he sit on a throne all day, hearing the news of what happens to his people through others, or does he get his information straight from the source and commands his people directly? I'm just wondering, as I want to draw the Dragoknight Emperor, but I don't know whether to make him sitting on a throne or giving orders in a command center. Also, sorry for the double post.

    P.S. Is the Dragoknight Emperor fond of bulky, lavish gold armor? I was thinking of a symbol for the Emperor, and because what gets him (or her?) the position is wings and fire breath, I was thinking of dragon wings with a Dragoknight head breathing fire. Something simple, but looks good on armor.
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    What a twisted idea of making a "Dragon knight" xd I don't like your sprites of this race but weapons, fruits and artwork are awesome. What about reworking ingame Dragonknights idea?
  5. His role is a bit of a mix of both. It is the Emperor who decrees if the Dragoknights go to war with another race, along with other political affairs. He also leads the charge on some occasions, as cowardice isn't a trait honorable by the Dragoknights (There's one past emperor who exhibited this, but I'll get to that at a later time.). To get a better idea of this, think of George Washington who actually stood on the front lines with his troops during the American Revolution. So for the picture, either depiction would be fine.

    Gold would be a symbol of royalty. Although, all emperors through Dragoknight history would've had different preferences for their armor. The symbol idea sounds interesting btw. :)

    I'm planning on revamping the sprites soon actually, along with adding some more in-depth information.

    Although, what do you mean by 'What about reworking ingame Dragonknights idea?'?
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    Thanks for responding! I just finished up with the Emperor and symbol drawings. I just used the pose of the original Dragoknight you drew to see how the armor would look without worrying about making a pose up. The colors on the Emperor are off because of the colored pencils, but I'll fix that soon enough. Hope you enjoy them!

    Emperor: http://brutaka316.deviantart.com/art/Dragoknight-Emperor-Concept-366472829?q=gallery:brutaka316&qo=0

    Symbol: http://brutaka316.deviantart.com/art/Symbol-of-the-Emperor-Concept-IMPROVED-366480082?ga_submit_new=10%3A1366332376
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    Nobility of Dragonknights is pretty similiar to Glitches ideology. We havent got much of information about our fish people but judging by their samurai look on arts, they are going to probably be in some part knightly aswell. Chances of adding a third race of that kind to Starbound are not high, unless you plan to twist this idea in some way. Everybody likes lately designed on this forum Novakids, mechanically they are 3 ideas combined in one: a wild west, gaslike race and those stylish marks on their heads. So if we want to make an analogy to a successful race: dragonknights' theme is medieval, your design are dragons and a i'm not sure what is a special thing, fruits maybe. I think that you should rework a theme for them, to add something different.
    Take a look on Daitenshi's thread, the part about themes and think about it:
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    They might actually get along with the glitch (if dragoknights will work with them )
  9. Ah, love them! Thanks! ^^

    Haha, this is motivating me to sketch up some new Dragoknight concepts.~ :)
    Ah, that's what you meant. Meh, I'd rather not outright change their lore just because the Glitch already exist with their medieval theme. Not only their lore with be changed, but their names would have to as well (Drago'knights'). This has been their theme even before the Glitch came to be, and it just feels like wasted effort removing it just because the official word came out. I'm holding strong to that. There are also some differences I've established with the Dragoknights, the most notable being a set monarch figure (The current Dragoknight Emperor). The Glitch are focused on medieval-esque weaponry, and while the Dragoknights also focus on that, there's a bit of fire based tech thrown into the mix. Additionally, who's to say the universe can't form more than one medieval race?
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    IRL, yes it would be unlikely for there to only be 1 medieval-esque race I the universe.
    IG, No, it would be highly unlikely that Chucklefish would make 2 races with the same theme.
  11. Regardless, I'm still sticking with the medieval theme.
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    WE NEED THIS!!!!
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    You could always make them super devoted to their Emperor, and xenophobic to any other species. You could still have the mercy for those weaker than them, but they just make those weaker species slaves instead. It would make them different, and they could still be medieval. Considering every other race seems to have at least little friendliness with each other, one species that just wants to conquer planets but isn't a zombie like plague would be nice. Big bulky dragons in armor fits the bill for an all conquering race as well.

    P.S. I improved the Emperor in Photoshop! http://brutaka316.deviantart.com/art/Dragoknight-Emperor-Concept-Improved-366567692?ga_submit_new=10%3A1366384809&ga_type=edit&ga_changes=1&ga_recent=1
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    Awesooome concept,beautiful sprites,YOU'RE A AWESOME GUY!
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    I know it probably doesn't mean much, but I love dragons, so some kind of dragon race would be very nice. Let them have the possibility of pink/purple scales! =D If you can't tell by my avatar, I like those colors. Yay dragons!
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  17. The colors of the sprites on the OP are just examples. So pink/purple colorations are also viable. :)
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    What is darkbound?
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