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    Too maannyyy draagoonnss. But good job, this looks nice!
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    Looks awesome.
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    Do want.
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    I actually like this a lot. I'd still be floran, but I'd like to explore the universe alongside these guys, they've got a pretty cool backstory and design.
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    Tiy...why have you not put this in yet? I approve! AYE!
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    With the lore that you've given us, I presume that the Dragoknights place great value of strength, courage, and honor, see military prowess as the pinnacle of society, and see themselves as superior to other races (thus possibly justifying their conquests of territories inhabited by the "lesser races"). However, there are many questions that I'd like to ask about them:
    • Is there a caste system in place? (I'd presume that the warriors would be at the top of such a caste system.) If so, then is it possible to move in-between castes (both upward and downward)? If so, then how? (For instance, would knights take in squires?)
    • Do they enslave lesser races (especially from conquered territories) or other Dragoknights (as serfs)? If so, then how are these slaves treated? Would the children of slaves be born into slavery (chattel slavery, like with blacks during the early years of the United States of America, and before its foundation in 1776)?
    • How would Dragoknights respond to uprisings, whether its slave uprisings, or uprisings of the lower classes/castes?
    • What would Dragoknights consider dishonorable? (For example, would they consider guerilla warfare tactics, such as deception, sabotage, and sneak attacks, dishonorable?) How would Dragoknights deal with those that "fight dirty"? How would they react to seeing their comrades die, or get hurt, in enemy kamikaze attacks?
    • Do the Dragoknights use war machines, such as tanks, battleships, gunships, or mecha? If so, then is there a special code of honor in using these war machines (such as only engaging with enemy war machines of similar size or greater, or of only attacking smaller targets, such as infantry, if attacked first)? Do these war machines also tend to specialize in melee?
    • Are there any Dragoknights that have fled/been exiled from the Empire (whether by choice or threat)? If so, then what are these exiles like? (I'd guess that playable Dragoknights would most likely be exiles.) Why would they leave the empire? (For example, do they feel that the Empire's aggressive expansionistic ways put it on the path to oblivion? Are they searching for a higher cause to fight for than conquest in the name of the emperor?)
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    And Their Ships Are Other Larger Dragons? Also I'd Have To Go Dovahkiin And Write A Book On Extinction Theory Of Their People.
  9. Always a pleasure answering in-depth questions regarding my races/creatures. ^^

    • That's the general gist of their hierarchy. The emperor is obviously at the tip of the pyramid, with the knights and soldiers below him, then civilians, and so on and so on.
    • Slavery isn't something I've really thought about regarding this race. Though if it were to occur, it'd most likely be primarily targeted towards war criminals, traitors, and others of similar status rather than their own kind or of weaker races (the latter two still occur, just in smaller numbers). It depends entirely on the will of the emperor ruling at the time. For example, one emperor may have ruled with an iron fist and allowed slavery, while another would've disregarded the topic entirely.
    • Uprisings and/or revolutions would be dealt with by the emperor's decision. The soldiers/knights are to stay put unless given an order to execute an action. Should a knight act out of line, it would be reflected on by the emperor's actions. Unless the emperor is corrupt to the bone, most outbursts among their society are settled peacefully.
    • Think of a combination between a samurai's and knight's code of conduct. Or, just look at Meta Knight from the Kirby games lol. Using this example, a Dragoknight would not challenge an unarmed opponent. They'd draw a sword for their challenger to use instead of slaughtering him/her in their defenselessness. As stated in the OP, striking down on weaker races or races preoccupied with things like war is also a taboo. Why add to the stress of a particular race when their hands are full already? A dirty tactic, just like vultures swooping in after a kill to feed (or a 3rd player in Smash Brothers jumping in to kill both player 1 & 2). Disputes between Dragoknights and other races are settled face-to-face. Anything done in the dark only worsens the relationships between the two races. As for their comrades falling due to these tactics, they'd obviously show remorse for them. So long as their emperor commands their move however, they must continue to "keep calm and carry on."
    • Technology is fairly new as also stated in the OP. However, they do have their fair share of spaceships/vehicles at their disposal. Their use is applied to the same way as normal combat. The size of their enemy's battleships doesn't matter. If the enemy is weaker and they strike first, the Dragoknights will retaliate in defense. The battle prowess of these machines are of the standard spaceship's firepower. Melee is definitely on the ship's options, but that'll be covered when I actually get around to drawing these things.
    • Exiled Dragoknights would be those who went against the emperor, were witnessed committing treasonous or dishonorable acts, or other similar reasons (like a different path to serve as you mentioned). Desertion of the emperor's reign would again, depend on the one ruling. Was the emperor too cruel? Too nice? Unbearable? Lots of factors could cause desertion for an exiled Dragoknight.
    Soon as I'm not too busy, I'm going to update the OP with more details regarding these questions to further flesh out the Dragoknights as a race.:)
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    .... You Didn't Answer Me... Do They Fly Around Inside Other Bigger Dragons...
  11. Er... well no. They have their own spaceships as I've mentioned. The ship's designs are draconic in origin however.
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    LIFE = RUINED :blank:
  13. Shame about that. Oh well.
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    @Dragonith: Thanks for answering all of these questions, though I'm now curious as to what the current emperor is like. Is he a belligerant conqueror? A scholastic reformer?
  15. Think of the current emperor, Bahamut V, as a ruler with a lot of weight on his shoulders. The previous emperor left a mighty impact on Dragoknight society before V's reign began, so expectations of his rule are high at the moment. He's eager to pursue new things, linked to the recent addition of technology advancements in Dragoknight tech, yet he's also a bit nervous regarding his role as the new monarch.
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    I would very much enjoy this.
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    I see no point suggesting new races. I think that seven races is enough.
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    You know this thread is almost 1 year old right?
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    THere is never enough diversity.
  20. This thread's existed long before most of the official races even came to be. And as the others have stated, more diversity's always nice.

    I still have content plans for this race, if it wasn't obvious from the recent Goldoa creatures I've uploaded. Most of what's what is under the radar for now. ;)

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