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    Awesome !:DD
    This would be my main race!

    I would consider revisiting the sprites heads a little, they look a little "dull" compared to the (beautiful) drawing you made.
    Also, you should add some clothing and building style to it like the other races have!
    Nice work ;)
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  2. That's something I'm gonna get to eventually. ^^;

    But thanks!
  3. Ado

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    Amazing race you got there mate;)!
    You should add more weapons perhaps.
    Also I have a small suggestion:
    Shields!Some kind of elemental dragon shields would fit this race perfectly.
    And since dragons are elemental beings (kind of),you should add some customization features...

    EDIT:Also if this doesn't get in game I'm going to start a freaking rebellion!!!:fireball::viking::sparta:
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    Dragon Knights you say?

    *Thinks of Kaisers From MapleSory*
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    Why don't you have a job at Chucklefish yet?
  6. greenman

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    I like these guys a lot, but I guess I'm not a huge fan of the character sprites at the bottom. So rigid.. The horns are really angular, the bellies are also not very interesting, imho. Just trying to give good feedback!

    You do some great work though! Lots of content. keep it up!
  7. No worries, feedback is appreciated. I've stated before that I'm revamping the sprites eventually, so there's that to look forward to. :)
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    @Dragonith, you know everyone loves this race, and they would definitely play as the Dragoknight.
    ...but I know that you probably know its chance of being put in the game is low simply because Knights already exist as a race's theme in Starbound, The Glitch.
    ...I know it sounds rather difficult to do, but if you really wanted to make yours and the community's dreams come true of the Dragoknight being a playable race, you should start (and we will help you) thinking of another theme that they can take on.
    Ancient Dwarven?
    I recommend applying jewelry in their culture, Dragons are said to be guardians of treasure. You could incorporate this in the race.

    Please don't take this as an attack or threat, I simply hope you know that making them knights reduces their chance.
    Please Chucklefish, make. this. race. PLAYABLE.
  9. qazxcwe

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    As I've said before, this idea was thought up before the glitch were announced if you check the dates.
    As well as that rewriting the lore, redoing the character design and remaking the sprites would turn this race into a completely different race so yeah.
  10. I assure you. He is very aware of the Glitch.
    I, personally suggested that instead of an English medieval setting, he take on a Spanish medieval/conquistador setting.
    Spain is a hot country, as are the places the Spanish conquistadors explored. His current Dragoknights would fit this theme, and it would be noticeably different from the glitch.
  11. Xenalith

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    I'm very aware of the dates.
    I'm just stating that if he wanted to really make this race get into the game.
    Maybe they could be rivals of The Glitch? Knights v Dragons?

    That certainly does sound like it would fit in.
  12. The Enlightened Grue

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    Why would they need to change?
    We've been given a release date for the Beta, so, pending what data we are/are-not allowed to view during the beta (I'm not sure if its bad memory, but I think it was said once that the developers wanted Starbound to be easily moddable, so ?), it would be possible for simple mod construction to begin even that early.
    Who knows? By the time the Beta is one with, things like the Dragoknights might even be part of a "standard" mod-pack if their creators work hard enough.
    Also, I hate to say it, but it works out for anyone making such a mod that the Glitch are similiar in "medieval" standards to the Dragoknights, because that will supply a lot of stuff to base early versions of the mod off of and spiral out from there.
    Really, just because one is a painting of a Red Apple, and the other of a Scarlet Apple (according to that little thing about similarities), doesn't mean one of the artists needs to draw a Mango instead :p
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  13. Just to clarify, I no longer plan to have the developers add this to the game. The Glitch with their reveal pretty much slimmed this race's chances of implementation. Their theme is also what I value the most. If I were to change it, I'd have to rewrite/edit/completely scrap everything I've done for the race thus far (although, as @Darthkitten said, I'm considering doing a slight change from Medieval Europe to Medieval Spain.). As for the status of the race itself, I'm working together with @Nirn to implement this race along with her own into the game via modding. At this point, this a way more viable option than waiting for that slim chance that the developers decide to implement this officially.
  14. The Enlightened Grue

    The Enlightened Grue Master Astronaut

    That makes me happy a lot!
    Best of luck to the both of you, and here's hoping that we see usable versions of your races by the time the actual release comes around :D

    Either way, I be lurkan!
  15. Xenalith

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    Thanky ou for clarifying your current status on that, best of luck to you @Dragonith and @Nirn.
    ....let me know if you need any ideas of such, I would really love to help.
  16. Raptoral ze great guy

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    LoL one of the weapon descriptions uses dovah... Aaah skyrim
  17. The Enlightened Grue

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  18. GunmanRex

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    So...... How goes the production of the female DragoKnight sprites?
  19. [​IMG]
    Probably not the best idea to post that before the holidays. >w>

    ANYWAYS, after much time/demotivation/procrastination/whatever you want to call it, here's an update to the Dragoknights race!
    Dragoknight Emperor
    The symbolic leader of the Dragoknight race. An Emperor is born only once every generation (in Dragoknight terms, 500 years) and is gifted with the ability of fire and flight. The process of their birth is an unknown process shrouded in mystery, but is heralded as a miracle. At a young age, the Emperor is trained to hone their skills to the fullest once matured. Secluded as a child from other offspring of his/her kind, the Emperor learns the ways of the battlefield before gaining social value. As a result, they are truly the strongest of their race, a being worthy of being called "king". Adorned in ceramic armor, the Emperor's command changes the fate of all Dragoknights. He/She does not usually enact his/her law, instead leaving it to his/her subordinates. The Emperor stays at command on Goldoa, within the capital city of Heliopolis. From here the main source of communication can be dispersed.

    In the off-chance that the Emperor is murdered, chaos would follow and all Dragoknight factions (save for renegade parties) would instantaneously become your enemy. The attacks would never end until the killer is properly subdued and executed on the spot. Until the next generation of the Emperor comes, the Emperor's counsel would take command for the remaining years.

    In recorded history, there have been six generations of Emperors who ruled over the Dragoknight Empire. Their names as follows:

    Emperor Bahamut I (Skalgrand) - "The Legendary King"
    Emperor Bahamut II (Middrok) - "The Boundary's Vanguard"
    Emperor Bahamut III (Yeldir) - "The Old Treasurer"
    Empress Bahamut IV (Sapherr) - "The Azure Beauty"
    Emperor Bahamut V (Bruticus) - "The Savage General"
    Emperor Bahamut VI (Baulzeden) - "The Rising Future" (Current)

    Revamped Sprites!
    New Crops!
    Concept Art!

    And more to come! Stay tuned, folks!
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