Boss Dragon (I know there's already a dragon in the game, i mean a different one)

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Should this boss and arena be allowed to spawn on a snow planet?

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  1. Prawnmaster36

    Prawnmaster36 Poptop Tamer

    Hp/stats- The dragon would have around something like 2,500 hp for the claws, and 5,000 hp for the head. It's claws and and head could be attacked, even though it has a body, or the body would have like 100,000 hp. Killing the head would end the fight and it would die.

    Drops- A weapon, like a claw or a tooth that would be 2-handed, do around 100 dmg. per swing, but has the swing rate. is 0.45. the attack would cause a small explosion on the ground that would break blocks.

    1,000-1,500 pixels

    Dungeon/summoning- In a large underground room full of rare loot, and would break down the far-side wall as soon as you take any of it. The walls of the dungeon would be in-destructible. The entrance would be the side closer to the spawning area of the planet, and the dragon would appear on the other side as soon as you take any treasure.


    Light slash: it brings up one of its claws and hits it on the ground. 35 dmg.

    Heavy attack: Similar to light attack but but slower and more 2x the dmg.

    Charged attack: After 10 seconds of charging by hold both its claws back, it slams them into the ground, causing explosions around the arena. 35 dmg per explosion. about 10 explosions. (20 if below 25% hp)

    Fire breath: breaths fire all around the arena. block-able by a tech or special fire shield to be added. does an initial 10 dmg, but causes burn.

    fire balls: shoots 3 fire balls that move quick. Doesn't home. 35 dmg but doesn't cause burn.

    super fire ball: shoots 1 slightly larger fireball that moves significantly slower, but homes and is larger. Can't U-turn (If you jump over it, it can't follow.) 50 dmg and no burn.

    fire walls: shoots 5 walls of fire, ( 10 if below 25% hp) 1 second after the other, with an opening for you to jump through, If jumped through all of them without taking dmg, you get a 10 second window of opportunity to attack him. each wall does 20 dmg.

    Bonus info-

    If on a snow planet, all of its fire attacks are replaced with frost attacks that slow your movement upon hit.

    5 second to attack it between its attacks, with the exception of the fire wall attack

    ~please don't complain that there is already a dragon or that a live dragon has already been suggested~
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  2. MagnifiCaden

    MagnifiCaden Void-Bound Voyager

    I think this is a pretty cool idea-- get this.
    What if you killed this dragon boss, and then later you could fight the bone dragon boss, which would basically be the dragon risen from the grave. That would be pretty epic.
  3. Prawnmaster36

    Prawnmaster36 Poptop Tamer

    That sounds pretty neat
  4. WtfzillaBro

    WtfzillaBro Guest

    perhaps this could apply to other biome planets?
    like maybe a desert it could have dust-storm type effects?

    Other than that, pretty cool idea.

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