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    >In Maintenance<
    Warning the lore seems to drag on. (I'm sorry I just had to)​

    Dragons are beings told to be magical, although it may seem that way, it's not quite magic (although no one really knows), more strong willed and very smart beings that can use all of their brain unlike us humans. Dragons cannot be put in the category of good or evil, like humans they kill to survive whether that's for food or for defense. They have many natural tools such as their nearly impenetrable scales; their natural armor, and their razor sharp talons and teeth; built in weapons. Us humans think of them as savage beasts because we don't want to think of something that is more powerful than us to be smarter too. So the result was the rise to dragon slayers, young men and women coming back with trophy's from these creatures and telling tales of damsels needing saving from these horrible monsters. Although some were true red dragons kind of ruined dragons chances with man, they stole young women to torment the husbands, mostly knights, and when it seemed possible to get the women back the red dragons would commonly eat them to watch the dread in the young knights and squires faces, and then to feast upon them in some inhumanely way. This lead to riots of villagers the classic torch and pitchfork mobs, which resulted ironically to endless supplies of food to these horrid dragons.​
    Defenseless little hatchlings are a common target even when they have caused no pain or anything horrid, these hatchlings were usually the none "evil" dragons. The classic dragon slayer killed all dragons even if they were not evil, people usually wanted revenge for family members lost to the might of dragons. Although some dragon slayers were true to heart and if the dragons caused no commotion or havoc, they would be left unharmed. At least that man himself wouldn't have anything to do with harming it, he wouldn't stop his men from though. Have you heard dragons slayers were born with the power to pierce the scales of dragons, well if you heard that it is not true. Dragon slayers usually come from people seeking revenge or burning with rage, although there is the occasional true hearted dragon slayer with the desire to kill the evil ones among the dragons. The dragon slaying part usually comes from the sword and from the bravery coming from the killer. Most of the blood thirsty slayers kill young or maturing dragons which scales haven't fulling grown and formed so they are easier to pierce. Cutting into a dragon scale is very tough especially if it is a fully matured dragon, you must thrust your blade into it with all your might and slide the blade across its body and max speed for a result. But don't hang on to hard or when the dragon struggles will fling you into the air.​
    Not all dragons are evil, they have the stereotype set for them by the red dragons and some other creatures such as drakes and wyverns commonly mistaken for dragons when flying and wyrms at occasional glimpses, dragons do not think of humans fondly because of the classic heartless dragon slayers that kill most of their offsprings. In the dragons rage they torment villages and castles, in sadness for loved ones. Dragons think humans as lesser class, (humans and ants?) they toy with them and in the end eat them (not ants) most dragons will not however do this because they believe any well educated thing has worth. Dragons will rarely reach out to humans unless they believe they have a true heart and potential, then they will attempt to make contact with them. When trying to communicate to humans they will speak telepathically which to normal class humans will kill them or drive them insane.​
    But for the humans who can withstand the massive telepathic energy sent out from the dragon's became known as dragon tamers. The legendary people who control these giant beasts, although that wasn't how it worked, the dragon "tamers" could request things from the dragons and eventually can work together with the classic dragon human bond. It was said that it was more likely for young women to be dragon tamers because dragons were always quite fond of them (no one knows for sure), although there were the occasional man dragon tamers. In time the dragon tamers became known as dragon riders or people who speak draconic; a mythical language of the dragons.​
    There were some rare events were a man or women were "blessed" with dragon killing and dragon taming. These were known as dragonbor--- These people were usually very strong willed and would not bend easily to dragons strong minded will. These became the legendary knights and such that we read in children's story books, these men and women usually didn't use the "taming" that was held within there power, only to intimated young dragons. These got glory and eventually was legend to have killed all the dragons, they started to kill adults with new found strategies. The dragons were all dead, that's what we think, but I believe they've gone into hiding, the dragon slayers were slowing picked off, even the ones with both gifts. The dragons began to be very protective of they're offsprings and would kill anyone that came near them even if they had a pure heart which they could "sense" or at least that's how the one's who survive the dragon menace told the story. Soon every man or women that was cable of speaking or killing a dragon was killed.
    More Magicish Lore to Come

    "It all began with a group of glitch scientists who were desperate in a time of war, on a research planet. They needed a super soldier, not an upgraded version of themselves something adaptable and new. It needed to have strong built in defensive armor, some sort of weapon, and it needed to be big. Using reptiles as the base subject they started their work quickly but carefully. They liked reptiles form, and of course in some its limb regeneration trait. They wanted to make it have its own category, it wouldn’t be reptile, mammal, or anything else. Enhancing the reptiles base genes they began to make bigger reptiles as well as strengthening their scales. In the process they were attacked, bombed by an airstrike. Luckily they were underground, and unharmed. The assault gave them an idea, the monster needed wings, it had to fly. So they began to work with birds and bats, to study how to add these wings. Looking at the traits they were adding, they all decided it was similar to the dragons told in stories. They convinced themselves they would create this massive and hopefully unstoppable creature. One of the scientists working on its scale made the material be a mix between the normal organic material and steel. Steel was the perfect strong armor it needed while also not to heavy. Now basing their monster on a dragon they needed a fire mechanism, not an actual mechanism they were glitches so they spoke that way. Having looked at some snakes they tried to implement a funnel and sac that would spew and lead the flame. While not untimely burning the throat, deciding make one area fire proof would be to hard they made all of it fire resistant. Happy with the results they unleashed slightly matured Dracnos, as they called them. While being young they were still quite big and dangerous. The scientists encountered a problem, the creatures were not hostile unless they needed food. An angered glitch soldier attacked one and was shattered, the Dracnos were able to eat the metal and presumably strengthen their scales. The Dracnos learned fast that they were superior, in mind and strength, and practically unstoppable, yet they still were not hostile. The scientists found themselves foolish for not creating some sort of control mechanism. One foolish scientist attacked a dragon in attempts to capture it, this resulted in the Dracnos turning against the glitches. Being totally defenseless the glitches were slowly demolished, but two of the scientists did not follow orders to view the Dracno on release. One was creating a solar explosion, an explosion that would destroy the planet. She was convinced the Dracno project would backfire and asked me to make this recording for your ears. It was the least I could do for she saved my life in one of the gene manipulation chambers. As the end became nigh we used the bomb in case our creation could fly through space, the Dracno mustn’t get free…"
    Passage by one of the twelve glitch scientists.

  2. Hmm. Some interesting ideas here, but I think it may be too magical for Starbound. I know dragons are strongly associated with magic, but you may need to rethink that connection to get dragons into this game.
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    Yeah the intro was for fun.. But yes they wil have lasers and such.
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    The ideas are good, but there is a problem: Dragons are very associated to magic. Starbound is more like Sci-Fi. Try to make then as aliens, or a mutated animal created by a group of cientists.

    Besides that; I liked the concept and idea. Not trully original, but good.
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    Do I have to say it again? Look at the post right after Inferno.. Hehe
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    Mechanical dragons.
    Mix of ancient lore and modern technology.
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    Hmm, what about dragons are supposedly "extinct". But they also take a large role in the mainstory, as in many of your quests, you can encounter a rare dragon that was generated by the bloods and bones of it's ancestors, created by a handful of scientists. After DNA completion was done, they decided to transact it to life and bring it into space. As the deliver of dragon's life sprouted out, some limbs and body parts of the remade dragon were missing. So they made artificial parts powered by light. Thanks to it's artificial body parts powered by light itself, it can run and fly in incredible speed, deny gravity, and has a low chance of time traveling. After many weeks, there was a malfunction in the limb, which lead back to the brain. A few seconds, the brain triggered a powerful explosion among the body parts, thus killing the scientists. As the scales were strong enough to withheld it's own explosion, the dragon turned unconcious. The dragon awoke with it's body part's missing, in a foreign planet slightly damaged by crystals grown from the planet's terrain. Then, that's where you come in and discover a severely wounded dragon. What would you do with it?

    Sorry if it sounds stupid, it just came from my mind.
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    Uhh.. inferno_dragonic already said that, but one think to take in mind is that in terraria it had a mix of both, i know starbound and terraria are different games, but they have similarities magic and scifi could be one.

    Look at the post now. :3
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    Well, that's true. If Starbound have magic and Sci-Fi, it would be even more interesting, in my opinion. Because there is just a few games that mix both. :)
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    :proper: I SAY!!! THIS IS A SPLENDID IDEA,
    though it could be possible to mix an eagle + salamander/reptile in a creature merger/binder(a machine that mixes 2 creatures together)
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    Added Royal Dragons and Space Dragons.
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  13. Some good work here. Keep it up!
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    I like the idea of dragons but they don't have to be magical "The Force" wasnt magic, not really. Maybe dragons are better with psyonics and mind powers than magicaly bits... I can totally see them being out and about.

    Dragons make good bad guys and good guys sooo a quest chain to deal with a dragon exploiting people for shiny things... Sounds good to me.
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    Thats actually not a bad idea.
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    And even magicalwise, theres a ton of lore that you can invent for them as well. Hell in my storyscape of Secyllies, there are four dragons that actually BUILT the world. AND the hero converses with half of them. None of them get killed. And the progenator of the entire thing was a dragon as well, a dragon that travels in space, with breath that can create worlds. Out of anything a dragons breath could do, that is by far the awesomest thing a child could invent a dragon to do (because I was a kid when I made it up :rofl: )
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    This sounds good except there might be issues with the size of them and the lag created (depends on peoples internet speeds).
    I know that sounds really stupid but that's my only concern apart from that you have my support :up:
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    Wanted to let everyone know I'm redoing the lore and such to remove the magic feel from it, this is a sci-fi game so I just thought I should make it feel less magical.
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    ok fair enough.
    I'm not even sure magic is being put into Starbound anyway.
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    Hmm. Last I encountered respectable Space Dragons was in Master of Orion 2.
    I approve of their return to the stars.

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