Boss Drillatio (easter egg)

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  1. Price

    Price Space Hobo

    Big Drill

    To summon this Boss, you have to craft a Girl-Doll and palce it near water (range of 10 meters?) on a surface (like satelite rules)

    Recipe for the Girl-Doll:
    100 x Fabric, 4000 x pixels, 250 x wood planks, 5 x copper bar's

    Drillatio looks like the Big Daddy from Bioshock, but instead of one drill, he has two.

    After you placed the doll near water (or above it?), the big daddy will walk outside the water and move to you.
    You can only damage him from behind (on his back, you see a glowing blue light tech and smoke comes outside him
    He is slow but he drills every block near you, but only in line, never below you or himself (prevent digging down?)
    The secondary attack will be a a tornado like attack, he will rotate, so you can't attack.
    After you kill him, he will drop a copper drill or the next quest item.

    examples maybe comming
  2. Lordfiscus

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    You seriously thought "Drillatio" was a good name?
  3. Price

    Price Space Hobo

    No, thats why i wrote the "edit".
    Also the name is not important...
    Or did the other bosses got a name? i think they have, but nobody really notice.
    The only name i remember is "ufo"...thats it and i fight all 4 bosses.
  4. Nerva

    Nerva Parsec Taste Tester

    Meh. I've said it before and will say it again. Starbound doesn't need more references, and Bioshock and the Big Daddies are becoming a bit dated of a reference anyway. The last Bioshock game produced doesn't even have a fighteable or playable Big Daddy in it.
  5. Sgt_Hankey

    Sgt_Hankey Request for Urgent Business Relationship

    More references couldn't hurt :)
    As more content is being added to the game, obviously so should the references.

    But I just think that this one reference is overly complicated. Way too many unique AI point to this one.
    Having to damage him from behind, means that he won't turn around instantly like all mobs do at the moment.
    I think you need to add more info to the way you want this boss to behave.

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