Dropping Through Wooden Platforms

Discussion in 'Blocks and Crafting' started by TheTempestKing, Dec 13, 2013.

  1. TheTempestKing

    TheTempestKing Master Chief

    Might just be the Terraria in me talking, but I'd love the ability to drop through the thin wood platforms by holding "S". We can already jump up through them, adding the option to do the reverse would drastically increase their usability .
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  2. Mothra

    Mothra Intergalactic Tourist

    The issue at the moment is crouching being tied to the S key. Crafting is tied to the C key, so let's put crouching there instead and put crafting wherever. Secondary menus like crafting, shouldn't take up the room of combat and movement keys.
  3. JakkSergal

    JakkSergal Void-Bound Voyager

    Hold down and Jump, this mechanic's already in the game.
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  4. Marshall.Duke

    Marshall.Duke Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Yeah you can descend from platforms but the mechanics behind it are still a little rough, I can never walk down stairs unless they are the only thing to walk down.
    Plus I often find myself dropping down too many platforms and taking fall damage, Beta is beta, but perhaps there could be a better system for this.
    For example, if you had a staircase set up, each floor has a horizontal platform while a set of stairs goes from right to left to go up, and left to right to go down.
    as is you can never walk down these types of stairs unless you happen to land on them.
    Maybe if we could hold down S while walking from left to right, it would choose to put the character on the downward stairs.
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  5. DiBBz

    DiBBz Big Damn Hero

    but seriously what use is crouch in this game , its not like you can crawl through tiny holes in a cave or something , cause by the time you end up moving you stand back up and then re-crouch
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  6. DiBBz

    DiBBz Big Damn Hero

    hes saying the mechanics for the descending platforms is a bit rough , and i have to agree holding S to go down platforms like terraria was so much simpler and easier , then again this is not terraria and there is alot more to do so its going to get harder to get used to
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  7. Eled

    Eled Orbital Explorer

    On the other hand, adopting a deliberately clunky mechanic just to set oneself apart, that's really not that smart. Controls should be simple, intuitive and never demand 2 keys be pressed when one can do the same job. Particularly with the prevalence of platforms.

    I hate seeing them, I never feel in control. That's not a good thing and its all because of an awkward mess of key strokes.
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  8. DiBBz

    DiBBz Big Damn Hero

    we will just need to wait for keybindings to come , in the mean time we need to let tiy finish up on that
  9. jetsetdizzy

    jetsetdizzy Big Damn Hero

    Crouching isn't useless though. It can be used to take cover from ranged attacks behind small walls and is just generally usefull for dodging via reducing the size of your hitbox.
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  10. Furuka

    Furuka Space Hobo

    Yeah, I crouch all the time, especially to swipe my dagger at animals below me. Down+jump is fine, I just think that if you walk past a stairway down while holding down you should go down that stairway instead of going straight. But if you are sitting still, down should just crouch.
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  11. neil_v

    neil_v Big Damn Hero

    Necroing this as I think it needs to be addressed eventually.
    I need crouch, but the jump mechanic being linked to the fall mechanic isn't working well, especially in combat.
    You risk falling too far
    Sometimes it wont work
    When I watch new players, I see it's hard to get used to. then, when one is used to it, one is tolerating it's existence.
    I don't have a better suggestion, sorry.... Just wanted to rez the discussion and see how others felt about JT platforms.
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  12. Hell Scream

    Hell Scream Intergalactic Tourist

    Still waiting for this to be fixed

    Why cant we just have another bind option that is "drop through platform" and bind a key to it. That way people who like their current setup can keep it, and people that just want a key bound to it can do what they want. WIN-WIN

    e.g. I'd just bund my down key (s) to drop through platform, since I have never found a use for or needed "crouch".
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