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    Tree people, No not Leaf people like Dryas or Oreias meaning Of the Tree or
    Oak-Tree/ Of the mountain(Δρυας/Ορειας)<Greek I think :geek:, Whose tech involve nature like able to manipulate their bodies to grow in size extend their body increase strength and other cool abilities like shield of wood that shrouds the body when HP is so low other passive effects. If anyone likes this idea and want to try and put together a mod or something I'd love for you to give it a try :rainbowbarf: but no one will take this into consideration because its dumb :cry: thanks for reading it at least Those pictures are OUROS not Groot:lod:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] :rainbowbarf:
    Down here is where I will give more in-depth if you care to read or have an interest in this. The Dryas are the oldest living creatures in the galaxy they were known as the creators of life and shows history of Avian's worshiping them as Deities. During a religious dispute between races the Hylothi's set out on a course to destroy all artifacts and proof of the Dryas's race... After years of war they finally believe they have wiped out the entire culture and belief of these magical myth's as they believed them to be. Since many Elders of the Avian tribes have... well lets just say "Bird brains" they moved onto more barbaric ritualistic beliefs and the Dryas were forgotten but not erased. When the "Wraithful Hylothi's" were crusading the galaxies to end these so called deities the elders of Dryas being a pacifistic culture they quickly evolved into a state of hibernation turning these once great titans into mere tree, Knowing the Hylothi's they're known for being quite wise and intelligent had one short coming and it was they had such a superiority complex they believe they wiped the whole race out within a decade little did they know they made a grave mistake during this period these peaceful giants learned something new, they have experienced something that they were never familiar too... Hatred, rage, betrayal , wraith.... Sitting for thousands of years on these emotions they felt spiteful towards the ones who used to worship them and the ones who slaughtered their kin... Many of the Dryas's never awoke from their slumber seeing they would only be thrown into chaos again and create pain for others, but there was a naive Dryas, Ouros he wanted to free his people from such thoughts and make them arise again to walk the lands peacefully only few joined his cause in trying to rekindle the ever so small fire that was their pride. Ouros's and his men were no longer considered Dryas they wanted to be liberated by the myths of their past kin they wanted a legacy of their own so they went from being the peaceful giants of the trees into the Oreias, That of the moutains. After many years in hiding they evolved with the power of Phagogenesis(User can reproduce by devouring organisms and impart the characteristics of ingested creatures onto the user's offspring) they have changed drastically into beings of war... their sad fate and history changed a peaceful species into a dreaded story known among little but for those who know this nightmare have only experienced the wraith of the ones they've foresaken. Oreias's do not hail from any specific planet they are from every corner of the galaxy standing silently as guardian's of trees.(Hence mostly all found on lush planets but if there is the ability for a tree to grow then you never know where they could be "Well yeah where trees are I contradicted my self duh")
    They're in a hybrid stage of technology, meaning they use their bodies to adapt and change with their
    environment if too attack or to defend. They're not too smart but if you ally one they will be willing to lay down their life for you at anytime and be the best tree friend you'll ever know X3! They are trustworthy to mostly all except the Hylothi's and Avian's in which they attack without thought being filled with wraith for them for centuries.:fireball: damn fish birds! :yuno:
    Music to accompany the thoughts of this race
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    I like this. It could do well as an NPC race.
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    I love it!

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