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Bug/Issue Dupe anything. Fridge(cooking). Gypsy bug

Discussion in 'Support' started by coffeediction, May 5, 2018.

  1. coffeediction

    coffeediction Yeah, You!

    Hey, my GF and me are playing for a while, and we kinda encountered some gamebreaking stuff. I hope the dev's see this.
    • Duping possible, when 2 players hit sort-of same amount of time or "worked the same amount" on something, it dupes to give the items to each player. To reproduce this bug, do this steps: Go to a placed item, for example a furnace, and at the same time with the second person, start to hit on it with just hands(hold mouse down) until it's removed, you will see 2 furnaces getting dropped. This works with ALL items you can "remove", even crops. We even testet with a tool. You can take a pickaxe, and count with the guest player on 3 to hit on i.e preserve jar at kinda the same time ( please consider waiting for 0.3 seconds or so for timing if youre doing it over voicechat ). Aswell it works with chopping wood, hit together at the same time, and both players will recieve an increased amount of everything or you will see the loot dropping and then dropping again at the same spot. What I understand is that it takes the amount of work and distributes the items, but not fairly, it just dupes since 2 people were working on it. I did not test with more than 2 players tough, pretty sure it can quadrupple even.
    • Fridge bug, both host and guest learned a food recipe? Awesome! But only host can use the items deposited in the fridge to be able to cook without having them in your inventory. Its like the guest is not allowed to use items from the fridge to cook. He has to have them in the inventory. Imo, it doesnt make much sense, since anyone is able to loot any chest anyways.
    • Gypsy doesnt sell stuff to the host, it says "out of stock", while the guest is able to see the items.
    • Dog has access to unaccessible tiles. Its out of the walking paths, in black areas, or on top/behind jar, making it non-interactible.
    • Some crops sometimes stay there after season change (into winter for example), aswell trees, but after a few days they disappear.
    • Upgrading 2 things at the same time, caused robin to be finished in the same time BOTH things, as if it were 1 player. This caused that the "Demolish" and "Move" buttons disappeared for the host. The "Demolish" disappeared ONLY for host tough.( If anyone knows a work around for "Moving" stuff, We'd appreciate it.
    Another additional things, what I understand about upgrading tools (clint) and farm buildings(robin), that every player is able to upgrade his own stuff, so clint is able to work on 2 tools at the same time, each player separately. I think for clint its totally fine and fair, and makes sense.
    Robin is able to work on 2 things at once, one for each player. The players are able to separately choose to upgrade something, then you see two hammer icons on those buildings. If robin is upgrading at the same time, then I think its not good to be honest, since sheds and barns are shared loot, making it very abusable. What would be awesome tough is that when i.e 2 players chose to upgrade something, and it takes 3 days each building, that she kinda speeds up a bit cause of too much work, and finishes BOTH things in 4 days (one after another, depending on who chose first), instead of 6. Anything else doesnt make much difference if 1 player upgrade or both.

    Please note you need a second player to test some of those, and we did not test some(ie. the dog bug) on single player, and only with 2 players.
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