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Bug/Issue Duplicating tools and items from dungeon chests

Discussion in 'Support' started by persecom, May 7, 2018.

  1. persecom

    persecom Guest

    To duplicate tools:
    • Put tool in chest
    • Second player takes your tool from the chest and keeps in inventory
    • Sleep to next day
    • The game (I think) recognizes the tool doesn't exist on you or in a chest, so it mails you another tool
    To duplicate dungeon items:
    • Player 1 takes item from chest
    • 1 gives item to Player 2
    • Sleep to next day
    • Player 1 goes to the same floor, gets item again
    To be fair, these bugs are very minor. I would hope that every player in the game can get the item out of the chest every 10 floors, and duplicate tools isn't really an issue.

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