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    (This has only been tested on the 1.3 beta. You have been warned.)

    I posted here a couple years ago about this and no one ever did it as far as I'm aware and then I lost interest.

    But never fear, for I gained it back!

    And now this mod is here in hopefully passable condition!

    Like many other music mods, this one takes after Drogean and replaces some of the ambient music tracks with songs from EarthBound. There's not much more to it than that. Each song fades in and out as I'm not too experienced with endless looping, but it doesn't sound too bad.

    The song list is as follows:

    Beach - Summers, Eternal Tourist Trap

    Birds Chirping (Spring) - Onett Theme

    Night (Spring) - Home Sweet Home

    Wind Blowing (Fall) - Boy Meets Girl (Twoson)

    Cold Windy Day (Winter) - Winters White

    Caves level 1 (Earth) - The Lost Underworld

    Caves level 2 (Ice) - Snowman (Snow Wood Boarding House)

    Caves level 3 (Lava) - Save the Miners!

    Rainy Days - Because I Love You

    New in V1.2

    Community Center - Prayer for Safety

    Bath House - A Flash of Memory

    Bug Noises (Summer) - The Metropolis of Fourside


    I'm dumb and used a 1.0 Wave Bank so there were missing sounds. Sorry folks.

    Added Prayer for Safety, A Flash of Memory, and Fourside. Also increased the volume of Save the Miners a little bit.

    Fixed Onett not fading out.

    Missed some files from the 1.3 beta. Fixed.

    Download Link:

    V1.1 Bank.xwb


    Alternate Link on Nexus

    And that's it. Just put the file in your Stardew ValleyI/Content/XACT folder and overwrite.

    It's not much, but I had some free time as I've been sick and figured I'd do a little something. I've tested them all myself except for the winter ambient and possibly the bug noises in spring, so tell me if something sounds off and I'll do my best to fix it.

    Suggestions are welcome as well. I might not update this again, but you never know, and demand would certainly be motivating if it exists.

    And feel free to do with it what you will. Edit and re-upload, update it in my stead, whatever is fine. Just make sure I get a little credit though, yeah? If so, we're all good.

    Enjoy, everyone!
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