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Discussion in 'Cheats' started by steffjes, Mar 3, 2016.

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    Try the link I posted above the post before yours. You don't have to rename anything, you just drag&drop files.
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      Thank worked! thanks so much finally caught that dreaded crimsonfish.
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        I downloaded your current up to date easier fishing mod ( I then ended up downloading the easiest fishing mod, via this link ( and my game has begun to glitch. Shane no longer has a schedule, and he appears to be trapped in Marnie’s kitchen. I have tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the game, but nothing has fixed it. I no longer have the mod installed but this doesn’t appear to have fixed the error. Have you heard anything about this? Is there a way to reverse it?
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          There's nothing in the easier fishing mod that should interact with anybody's schedule. All the fishing mod does is tweak some numbers that change how hard the fish is to catch.

          Your problems with the NPCs are most likely caused by another mod, or if you are using the beta, a bug. I would see if someone can help you over in the save files thread in Support.

          Also that dropbox link is an outdated mod, the game will crash anytime you try to fish any of the newer fish that were added after the game's release... the current Easier Fishing (Standalone) mod has both easier and "super easier" so there's no need to do that dropbox link at all.
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            Update for 1.4.1 would be handy.
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              Are you using the English version? The mod specifically says it only works on the English version of the game.

              I just looked just now, and I don't see any reason why it should be crashing. You're sure you downloaded the latest version (use the one from the 1.4BETA folder)? And you were fishing at the Beach? What season?

              EDIT: looking at Wiki, the only new fish at the Beach is the Flounder, and I loaded up my save, with the mod as it is on the repository and went there, and fished up a Flounder with no problems.

              Do you have any other mods/etc maybe?
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              • Corymwarren

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                any plans to update this for the 1.5 version, which included new fish and new legendary fish?

                This is honestly my must have mod due to medical conditions that are aggravated by the fishing minigame. it doesn't remove the challenge, but makes it less likely to cause my hands to seize up.
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