Edroy's first five years

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    By 3Drafael, after Somniworld's suggestion. This story follows his character for the first five years of his life. This is a draft, posted without him knowing >:3.
    Anyways, here's the thing, as I'm posting this, it's 5 : 30 in the morning (In France). I could not sleep so i wrote this in an hour. Writing/spelling/grammar errors galore! :3
    When you see [SOMETEXT], just ignore it! Or put anything you want. As long as it makes sense! It's there because some details about his story were missing. I was literally given his name and his childhood situation. THAT'S ALL I GOT TO WORK WITH.
    I'm giving you a fair warning for... Violence in general. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED (dunno if it was necessary)
    Anywhale! Hope you enjoy the quickly written draft. Good night!

    “Tell us your story, Individual...”

    …Individual Edroy, but by all means, call me Edroy.

    I hatched [we need to talk about the date system], “A beautiful day” my mother used to say. I was the only child, from a young couple, themselves in a pack of four avalies, themselves 'again' in a tribe of seven packs, ranging from 3 to 5 individuals each. I was also the first kit in the tribe.

    Five years passed, I wasn't the only kit anymore. I learned a lot from my own parents, hunting, survival techniques, and the future I could have, with them. “Once you grow up, you'll be the next leader of the pack.” My dad always said.

    Until [again with the dating system], a group of raiders did what they could do best, raid. My father got to the aerogel blades, this was serious. “[Edroy's Mother], go hide with Edroy! I want you two safe!” My mother nodded and escorted me to one of the many sleeping tents, we weren't the only ones with the same idea in mind. We could hear the battle raging between the two rivalries. Every ten seconds, my mother would look outside the tent. In her eyes I could see fear, desperation, the signs of a lost cause. I look inside the tent, there was my friend, [Please, Somni :3]. He was also living the same horrible event. My mother looked once more outside. She retracted her head inside the tent, adding an ounce of fear in her already fearful eyes. We could no longer hear the battle outside. The silence was unbearable, it was only broken by what would seem like the chief, barking orders “Capture all of them! I want them all alive!” or something approaching those lines. My mother, petrified, came close and told me to go hide in our footlocker, I was small enough at the time to fit in with ease. I do what my mother told me to, and got in the storage space.

    I was isolated from any outside interference, no sound, no light, no smell. I waited for what seemed like an eternity and got out. Nobody was there, not even mother, not even [possible friend]. I heard discussions outside the tent. Thus I peeked. I got to see everything: a row of avalies, handcuffed and on the ground, my parents were still alive. I also saw the raiders, stripping the camp's resources in it's entirety. Once the raiding part was over, I saw the chief talking to one of his henchmen. I heard one of the prisoners scream “No! You can't do this!”. I realized what was going on once a barrel was aimed point-blank at my mother's face. The renegade pulled the trigger, claiming the life of my mother in the process. The horrid discourse was excruciatingly painful to watch, I screamed in terror, without thinking of the consequences. my father was up next, again, trigger pulled, claiming his life. They all heard me. The chief got to the ear of an other renegade, gave orders while the executioner killed his fourth victim, letting the sound of the railgun bounce on the nearby mountains. The one spoken to started approaching my direction, pointing a rifle at me, and shooting. He missed his first shot, but I wasn't as lucky for the second shot. It hit my right leg, I started screaming in pain. The renegade was slow enough to lend me enough time to get in the nanocanvas shelter I hid before. I got in the footlocker, closed it behind me and used my hands as best I could to cover my wound. I waited for another eternity, while hearing the faint shots of the gun, claiming the lives of many others.

    All I could do was stay there and whimper in pain. I waited so much longer after the gun shots. I got out, hoping they'd be gone. I peeked outside, It was night. I used my four ears to try and see if I could hear anything out of the ordinary. Nothing… The moment I got back to myself, I felt the extreme pain from my wound, my hands were covered in a deep purple. I got to the medkit and healed myself with ease. I searched for a light source. I found my mother's favorite head lamp. I put it on, it was a bit too big for me, but this was not the time to play Goldilocks. I couldn't unsee what I was about to discover. All of the bodies were still there, I went to see my deceased parents. I stayed there, for hours on end. All of my feelings were dominated by only one; revenge.

    I laid down, next to what was left of the only family I had, to sleep the rest of the night…
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