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Bug/Issue Eggs in the Coop appear behind the walls

Discussion in 'Support' started by Baron-Sengir, Dec 20, 2018.

  1. Baron-Sengir

    Baron-Sengir Space Hobo


    I have a little problem. I own a Delux Coop and a normal small one for harvesting hay. Sometimes I move my Dino into the small Coop to let him eat hay, because the spouse filled it all up. But he also laid some eggs in there as well.
    Unfortunately for me, he did lay them a bit out of reach... -.-''
    They spawned in places only the Delux Coop has, so I can´t reach them. Moving him back and forth dosen´t help the problem. He just lays new eggs in the Delux Coop. The eggs do not dissapear though in the small one.

    Has anybody else encountert this problem as well?

    I first encountert this Problem at Nintendo Switch Version 1.2.36
    Problem is still there in Switch Version 1.3.32

    Thanks for any comments / help in advance.

    Nintendo Switch Screenshot

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