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  1. ArtByElde

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    Yeah thats right, filling this with all my ideas slowly but surely. Feel free to post ideas for me to render up, i dont do pixelart as many of u know, but i will paint them fairly simple to represent pixelart.

    This thread will contain Monsters,NPC's along with what they drop,all rendered up aswell.

    Will also do some bosses ideas and the stages for the battle.

    First up, concept of Anubis very cool looking "Baiter", its not a 100% done yet, minor detailwork.
    Baiter WIP.jpg
  2. ArtByElde

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  3. ArtByElde

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  4. Starheaven07

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    Can't wait to see what you have in store for us, Elde, if its anything like the pics in your signature.
    Try to remember that they have to make it into a 16-bit sprite when designing though!
  5. EaglePryde

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    Have to agree with Starheaven07. Can't wait what you'll do. Your art alone is very impressive and if you also plan to add bosses and their stages then i really am very curious how it'll look :)
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  6. ArtByElde

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    hehe yeh i am gonna try to keep that in mind buddy, i cant really go bananasandwich with the designs(yes dane cook rocks) so ill keep it simple enough. starting some small designs NOW to see how it looks! yes, will stick to my cartoony sig style:p
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    yeah i saw Endling do this to Terraria, and im a big fan of his work, so i'll do this just because i think he rocks and i like his style. Gonna start with the ones we know, from the mainpage, along with the armordesigns i also know we have. maybe im gonna have to put that in a diffrent section tho...? we'll see!
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    time for bed, that baby up there took me 4 hours,and im not even done...!!!

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