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RELEASED Elithian Races Mod - A Starbound Expansion 2.3.10

A Starbound expansion mod which adds multiple new races and additional content

  1. Relten

    Relten The Waste of Time

    Really? What items are cross compatible.
  2. carriontrooper

    carriontrooper Existential Complex

    The floofy ones I guess?
  3. Aegonian

    Aegonian Weight of the Sky

    I had hoped to have an update finished around this time, but other projects have been keeping me busy unfortunately (and there's one more big project I have to finish before I can fully invest in Starbound again). That doesn't mean there's been no progress, though!

    I'm still working on a second Avikan settlement, as well as on the first large mission for the Avikan. There's also other things, such as new items, objects and more on the way! I'll post more updates as I get closer to finishing the next version of the mod, but for now, I want to finish up with a screenshot of some WIP stuff. I hope you like it!

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  4. Relten

    Relten The Waste of Time

  5. Stafath

    Stafath Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Swell! You just read my mind! I love that kind of bulky flying/hovering bike vehicle design!
  6. Aegonian

    Aegonian Weight of the Sky

    I'm glad you like the hoverbikes so far! Hopefully I can get back to working on Starbound again soon, and finally bring you the first content update for the Avikan.

    As I've been very busy working on another project (which unfortunately has priority right now), I don't have anything new to show you, but I just wanted to thank everyone who downloaded and played the mod for getting the Avikan Race Mod to over 1000 total downloads! Thank you all very much for your support of the mod, and I look forward to bringing you more!
  7. Harakhti

    Harakhti Phantasmal Quasar

    Hey, unless someone adds Vasudans, this is one of the fanciest custom races. I'm personally an immediate lover of streamlined industrial design and the nomadic aspect makes it curious. (1v1 me m8)
  8. Aegonian

    Aegonian Weight of the Sky

    I'm very glad you like the Avikan!

    I finally got around to updating and playing Starbound again, and it seems the update has broken the mod. There's a few variables in the quest files which have changed, and there might be more incompatibilities - I'll be working on a fix soon! Hopefully, I'll be able to get a hot fix out in a few days so the mod is at least compatible with the latest Stable version of Starbound again. The content update, with the new settlement, the hoverbikes and more will come after that.
  9. otisjasmodeus

    otisjasmodeus Subatomic Cosmonaut

    man I cant wait, once this and the peglaci is working on the newest stable, my universe will be fantastic again, so many new discoveries to be had with this mod (so few race mods actually include buildings that spawn, and even less have full complete tiers of weapons, new ship, and everything else) also those hover bikes look amazing, man I want it so badly, also Am I correct in assuming they will have a static decorative item of the hoverbike based off that empty stationary one in the picture?

    anyways I love this mod and cant wait to see it updated.
  10. Aegonian

    Aegonian Weight of the Sky

    Yes, you are correct about the hoverbikes: there's a decorative object of the hoverbike! They are quite important in the Avikan society and only having them available as tech felt like they weren't really part of the world. The object version will be placed in some settlements, camps and other random encounters so you can really see that they are a part of Avikan culture.

    I'm working on a fix now, but it seems the update broke a LOT of things. I had to make a small change to every quest, and am now redoing all of the NPC files - they got a very big overhaul in Pleased Giraffe.
  11. baltosaa

    baltosaa Pangalactic Porcupine

    I just downloaded this mod, as my love for the Avali's commanded that I do so...

    But now I seem to be having some sort of problem (And I really don't know what the cause of said problem is, exactly. e.e )

    I just downloaded this along with another one (Familiars), turned on Starbound, but after a few moments of loading it gave me an error.
    screenshot of said error: http://i.imgur.com/TnDqFNv.png
    (I deleted Familars to make sure that wasn't the problem, but that wasn't it.. :C )

    Also, here's my Log, yes I already looked at my log myself, but the problem still isn't really clear to me. :/

    Start logging at: 2015-08-29 11:33:30.266
    [11:33:30.267] Info: Star::Root using bootstrap file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\win32\sbboot.config'
    [11:33:30.267] Info: Star::Root using storage directory 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\giraffe_storage\'
    [11:33:30.267] Info: Preparing Star::Root...
    [11:33:30.271] Info: Detected mod 'lazarusdungeons' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\Lazarus Dungeons\lazarusdungeons.pak'
    [11:33:30.271] Info: Detected mod 'Less Laggy Outpost' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\kao_delag\.'
    [11:33:30.271] Info: Detected mod 'Avali' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\Avali-1.6.6\.'
    [11:33:30.271] Info: Detected mod 'Avikan Race Mod' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\avikan\.'
    [11:33:30.271] Info: Detected mod 'charactercreationmod' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\charactercreationmod\.'
    [11:33:30.271] Info: Detected mod 'Starbound Side Stories' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\StarboundSideStories\.'
    [11:33:30.271] Info: Loading Configuration with config file: 'starbound.config'
    [11:33:30.271] Info: Loading Star::Configuration from 'Just (.\..\giraffe_storage\starbound.config)'
    [11:33:30.273] Info: Writing Star::Configuration to '.\..\giraffe_storage\starbound.config'
    [11:33:30.282] Info: Initializing Star::Root with 8 assets sources
    [11:33:30.282] Info: Done preparing Star::Root.
    [11:33:30.282] Info: Client Version 'Beta v. Pleased Giraffe - Update 3' Revision: 0c401425c6fb02beb7354cadf31324755aa98007 Protocol: 691
    [11:33:30.282] Info: Initialized SDL
    [11:33:30.312] Info: Initialized SDL Video
    [11:33:30.322] Info: Initialized SDL Joystick
    [11:33:30.323] Info: Initialized SDL Sound
    [11:33:30.351] Info: Opened default audio device with 44khz / 16 bit stereo audio, 2048 sample size buffer
    [11:33:30.351] Info: Loading Assets
    [11:33:30.351] Info: Loading assets from: '../assets/packed.pak'
    [11:33:30.352] Info: Loading assets from: '../assets/user'
    [11:33:30.352] Info: Loading assets from: '../giraffe_storage/mods\Lazarus Dungeons\lazarusdungeons.pak'
    [11:33:30.353] Info: Loading assets from: '../giraffe_storage/mods\kao_delag\.'
    [11:33:30.353] Info: Loading assets from: '../giraffe_storage/mods\Avali-1.6.6\.'
    [11:33:30.353] Info: Loading assets from: '../giraffe_storage/mods\avikan\.'
    [11:33:30.353] Info: Loading assets from: '../giraffe_storage/mods\charactercreationmod\.'
    [11:33:30.353] Info: Loading assets from: '../giraffe_storage/mods\StarboundSideStories\.'
    [11:33:30.876] Info: Done loading Assets in 0.524 seconds
    [11:33:30.879] Info: Loading NameGenerator
    [11:33:30.880] Info: Initializing SDL Window
    [11:33:30.886] Info: Done loading NameGenerator in 0.00699997 seconds
    [11:33:30.886] Info: Loading ObjectDatabase
    [11:33:30.990] Info: Created initial window 1000x600
    [11:33:31.006] Info: Renderer initialized
    [11:33:31.008] Info: Renderer destroyed
    [11:33:31.008] Info: Initializing SDL Window
    [11:33:31.123] Info: Re-created window 1680x988
    [11:33:31.158] Info: Renderer initialized
    [11:33:31.159] Info: Loading ImageMetadataDatabase
    [11:33:31.159] Info: Done loading ImageMetadataDatabase in 0 seconds
    [11:33:32.664] Info: Done loading ObjectDatabase in 1.778 seconds
    [11:33:32.664] Info: Loading PlantDatabase
    [11:33:33.037] Info: Done loading PlantDatabase in 0.373 seconds
    [11:33:33.037] Info: Loading ProjectileDatabase
    [11:33:33.609] Info: Done loading ProjectileDatabase in 0.572 seconds
    [11:33:33.609] Info: Loading MonsterDatabase
    [11:33:34.425] Info: Done loading MonsterDatabase in 0.816 seconds
    [11:33:34.425] Info: Loading NpcDatabase
    [11:33:34.466] Error: Could not apply patch from backend: Folder <../giraffe_storage/mods\avikan\.>. Caused by: (JsonPatchException) Could not apply patch to base. (JsonPatchException) Could not apply operation to base. (TraversalException) No such key 'dialog' in pathApply("/scriptConfig/merchant/dialog/start/avikan")
    [11:33:34.490] Error: Could not apply patch from backend: Folder <../giraffe_storage/mods\avikan\.>. Caused by: (JsonPatchException) Could not apply patch to base. (JsonPatchException) Could not apply operation to base. (TraversalException) No such key 'guard' in pathApply("/scriptConfig/guard/dialog/hail/avikan")
    [11:33:34.506] Error: Could not apply patch from backend: Folder <../giraffe_storage/mods\avikan\.>. Caused by: (JsonPatchException) Could not apply patch to base. (JsonPatchException) Could not apply operation to base. (TraversalException) No such key 'guard' in pathApply("/scriptConfig/guard/dialog/hail/avikan")
    [11:33:34.548] Error: Could not apply patch from backend: Folder <../giraffe_storage/mods\avikan\.>. Caused by: (JsonPatchException) Could not apply patch to base. (JsonPatchException) Could not apply operation to base. (TraversalException) No such key 'converse' in pathApply("/scriptConfig/converse/dialog/apex/avikan")
    [11:33:34.687] Info: Done loading NpcDatabase in 0.262 seconds
    [11:33:34.687] Info: Loading StagehandDatabase
    [11:33:34.694] Info: Done loading StagehandDatabase in 0.00600004 seconds
    [11:33:34.694] Info: Loading PlayerFactory
    [11:33:34.702] Info: Done loading PlayerFactory in 0.00800014 seconds
    [11:33:34.702] Info: Loading EntityFactory
    [11:33:34.702] Info: Loading VersioningDatabase
    [11:33:34.703] Info: Done loading VersioningDatabase in 0.000999928 seconds
    [11:33:34.703] Info: Done loading EntityFactory in 0.000999928 seconds
    [11:33:34.703] Info: Loading ItemDatabase
    [11:33:35.283] Info: Writing Star::Configuration to '.\..\giraffe_storage\starbound.config'
    [11:33:47.166] Error: Could not load base image asset '/objects/generic/wreckconsole1/wreckconsole1.png', using placeholder default.
    (AssetException) No such asset '/objects/generic/wreckconsole1/wreckconsole1.png'
    [11:33:47.166] Error: Could not load image asset '/objects/generic/wreckconsole1/wreckconsole1.png:default', using placeholder default.
    (AssetException) No associated frames file found for image '/objects/generic/wreckconsole1/wreckconsole1.png' while resolving image frame '/objects/generic/wreckconsole1/wreckconsole1.png:default'
    [11:33:47.168] Error: Could not load base image asset '/objects/generic/wreckconsole1/wreckconsole1icon.png', using placeholder default.
    (AssetException) No such asset '/objects/generic/wreckconsole1/wreckconsole1icon.png'
    [11:33:50.970] Info: Loading FunctionDatabase
    [11:33:51.027] Info: Done loading FunctionDatabase in 0.0569999 seconds
    [11:33:51.030] Info: Loading ParticleDatabase
    [11:33:51.358] Info: Done loading ParticleDatabase in 0.328 seconds
    [11:33:58.011] Info: Done loading ItemDatabase in 23.308 seconds
    [11:33:58.011] Info: Loading MaterialDatabase
    [11:33:58.215] Info: Done loading MaterialDatabase in 0.204 seconds
    [11:33:58.215] Info: Loading TerrainDatabase
    [11:33:58.244] Info: Done loading TerrainDatabase in 0.029 seconds
    [11:33:58.244] Info: Loading BiomeDatabase
    [11:33:58.383] Info: Done loading BiomeDatabase in 0.139 seconds
    [11:33:58.383] Info: Loading LiquidsDatabase
    [11:33:58.384] Info: Done loading LiquidsDatabase in 0.000999928 seconds
    [11:33:58.384] Info: Loading StatusEffectDatabase
    [11:33:58.500] Info: Done loading StatusEffectDatabase in 0.116 seconds
    [11:33:58.500] Info: Loading DamageDatabase
    [11:33:58.770] Info: Done loading DamageDatabase in 0.27 seconds
    [11:33:58.770] Info: Loading EffectSourceDatabase
    [11:33:58.850] Info: Done loading EffectSourceDatabase in 0.0800002 seconds
    [11:33:58.851] Info: Loading TreasureDatabase
    [11:33:58.935] Info: Done loading TreasureDatabase in 0.0849998 seconds
    [11:33:58.935] Info: Loading DungeonDefinitions
    [11:34:00.382] Info: Done loading DungeonDefinitions in 1.447 seconds
    [11:34:00.382] Info: Loading EmoteProcessor
    [11:34:00.383] Info: Done loading EmoteProcessor in 0.00100017 seconds
    [11:34:00.383] Info: Loading SpeciesDatabase
    [11:34:00.414] Info: Done loading SpeciesDatabase in 0.0309999 seconds
    [11:34:00.414] Info: Loading QuestTemplateDatabase
    [11:34:00.438] Info: Loading AiDatabase
    [11:34:00.642] Error: Exception raised during Root finishLoad: (JsonException) No such key in Json::get("completionConditions")
    [0] 7e557a
    [1] 7e2628
    [2] 7f4cd4
    [3] 7f0b46
    [4] 5cf15e
    [5] 5d12fa
    [6] 5cfb95
    [7] 396c34
    [8] 3949c2
    [9] 39022b
    [10] 3919bb
    [11] 3924ab
    [12] 391da9
    [13] 391a2c
    [14] 391914
    [15] 39ab63
    [16] 832234
    [17] 831bc6
    [18] 7ef052
    [19] 7578336a BaseThreadInitThunk
    [20] 771a9882 RtlInitializeExceptionChain
    [21] 771a9855 RtlInitializeExceptionChain
    [11:34:00.649] Info: Renderer destroyed
    [11:34:00.755] Info: Shutting down Star::Root
    [11:34:01.072] Error: Fatal Exception caught: (StarException) An error occurred during loading: (JsonException) No such key in Json::get("completionConditions")

    If any more information is needed (I'm hoping this wasn't too vague) ,lemme know, although I don't have any idea on what else to say here...
  12. Relten

    Relten The Waste of Time

    The recent update broke both of those mods, and the logs clearly state that the missions have been changed...(causing the Json error)
  13. Aegonian

    Aegonian Weight of the Sky

    No worries - there's nothing wrong on your side. The mod just isn't compatible with Please Giraffe yet (as Relten already pointed out). I'm working on a fix for this right now, and it should be available any day now. Unfortunately, the extent of changes in Pleased Giraffe is even larger than I had anticipated, so I've run into a few delays with updating the mod. Quests, NPCs, objects and many more things were changed and all have to be updated now. The new personalities available in character creation have also caused some issues with misaligned sprites, so I've had to update the body sprites as well (and in turn, I have to update all armour sprites too).
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  14. baltosaa

    baltosaa Pangalactic Porcupine

    Mkay, it's good to know that it's not something I did wrong this time at least :rofl:

    I'll wait patiently then for the update, whenever it's ready to come out. ^.^
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  15. dragon2112

    dragon2112 Aquatic Astronaut

    I will have to try this out sometime. I like the Avali mod a lot and i will probably like this mod too because of the similarity and i will also enjoy all the extra things it has that the avali mod dosnt
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  16. Aegonian

    Aegonian Weight of the Sky

    Aegonian updated Avikan Race Mod with a new update entry:

    Pleased Giraffe Compatibility Update

    Read the rest of this update entry...[DOUBLEPOST=1441225970][/DOUBLEPOST]The Pleased Giraffe compatibility update is finally here! All crashes should now be fixed, and there should be no more errors in the game log (not even harmless ones like with the first version). Please let me know if you find any issues - I might have missed a few things when updating the mod, so be sure to report issues here so I can resolve them!

    -Delete your old installation before installing the new version! Do NOT overwrite the avikan folder, as this might cause unforeseen issues.

    With regards to the new content I had planned (such as the new village and the hoverbikes): this content isn't ready for release just yet, but I'm working on it. There's some WIP files for the new content in the new release, some of which can be accessed using admin commands, but remember that this is currently unsupported and might cause issues. If you really can't wait and are prepared to take the risk, you can access the hoverbike now by activating it with an admin command. There's also new codex entries, weapons and quests on the way, so keep your eyes peeled for the next update!
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2015
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  17. SilverLancer

    SilverLancer Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Hey Author

    The avikan custom armor doesn't provide the damage increases that are necessary for tiers to progress correctly now that basically all weapon damage is scaled down.
    Is there any way the armor could get the damage boosts to make it viable again?

    Also the Avikan Poison Spikes are listed as (x3) in the crafting interface
    Might wanna take a look at the code for them because I don't think thats what the name was supposed to be.

    Ok so the actual armor provides damage boosts, but the vanity armor doesn't

    It confused me as I felt underpowered what with other races basic vanity armor providing a small boost to damage while the avikan didn't get this
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2015
  18. DarthTrethon

    DarthTrethon Spaceman Spiff

    Wow....impressive....the first mod race I am genuinely interested in. The madtulip mod is being remade rather than updated so hopefully compatibility can be achieved.
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  19. Aegonian

    Aegonian Weight of the Sky

    Thank you for the feedback! The Avikan have armor pieces that provide the damage boost, but they're crafted at the iron anvil like the armor for vanilla races. They are invisible pieces of gear which only provide stat boosts as I didn't have the time to draw unique sprites for each set. The warrior set which can be crafted at the bone crafting table is a vanity set like the starter clothing. I see how that can be confusing though - I'll add stat boosts to the warrior set in the next update so they become a valid set of starter armor. I'm also still planning to make unique sprites and crafting recipes for tiered Avikan armor, but I'm not very fast at drawing armor sprites so that's going to take a while...

    The (x3) seems to be shown because the name is too long to display in the crafting menu... I've noticed this is the case with a few more items, and will try to shorten the names in the next update so everything is visible and readable again!
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  20. SilverLancer

    SilverLancer Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Yeah with further study I began to notice this as well

    Especially in the case of the Avikan Bonecrafting table having some recipes with the same issue
    probably due to the GUI interface being kinda small

    Also I realized the armor did have the boost its just other races start with vanity armor like avikans do, but the avikan vanity offers 0% whereas most races get like 35% on vanity
    Its fine though just me being in a conniption because i'm using a mod that makes me spawn on a forest (mostly harmless) world instead of a lush (harmless) world
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