Digital Elliott and Abigail Portrait Edits

Discussion in 'Fan Works' started by pencilstab, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. pencilstab

    pencilstab Big Damn Hero


    It's silly but though I love Elliott's original design, I'm always down for white haired anime boys :rofl: So I just kinda am making a portrait mod for myself as a little update, and I thought I'd share it here QuQ!

    Recolored it to look more like the actual Elliott sprite, haha

    I had a lot of fun with this, tbh, I might go mess around with Harvey's file next
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    • Lanx12

      Lanx12 Ketchup Robot

      Woah...Nice job. I acutally like this better than old elliott
      • Alkanthe

        Alkanthe Supernova

        It's adorable! Very well pixeled, too.
        • Ghostly Fox

          Ghostly Fox Heliosphere

          I actually made my farmer a white haired pretty boy, though the way hair is handled in games means it looks like his hair is black at the scalp and fades as it grows.

          Also, Elliot looks way better and less like a Gaston-clone with the white hair. 10/10 would oogle again.
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          • SmaugBaggins

            SmaugBaggins Existential Complex

            I just got a little uncomfortable and am geeking out atm
            • pencilstab

              pencilstab Big Damn Hero

              Thank you guys so much! :D
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              • pencilstab

                pencilstab Big Damn Hero

                Started working on Abigail's portrait for a friend/was also commissioned by said friend

                Tbh, considering maybe making a portrait mod
                • Cider

                  Cider Ketchup Robot

                  White haired Elliott kinda reminds me of Alucard from Sympathy of the Night for some reason...
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                  • cera12sim

                    cera12sim Subatomic Cosmonaut

                    Oh my gosh white haired sebastian!!!!!!! PLEASE
                    • chansine

                      chansine Aquatic Astronaut

                      These are so cool!!! I love the art design O;
                      • Djjeff11

                        Djjeff11 Void-Bound Voyager

                        I'm rather curious if the portraits will ever be up for download?
                        • pencilstab

                          pencilstab Big Damn Hero

                        • Hideto Koudanshi

                          Hideto Koudanshi Orbital Explorer

                          Do you take commissions? I want a completely Stardew Valley-styled custom pic for use on the forum and other places like Facebook. Sort of a "Stardew Valley Me". You do lovely work!
                          • Y2K

                            Y2K Space Hobo

                            Very beautiful artistic ability! <3

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