Race Encounter with the Lithians

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    The Lithians:

    The Lithians are a specie of moderately intelligent space rock people. Their specie is united under the Empress, and its powerful armies are taking on half the other species.

    Based off Napoleonian France and Victorian England, this specie is mostly interested in arts and wars, and though they are an extremely old species only focused on space travel very recently. They are actually in war with the Avians, the Apex and the Florans since they conquered an Apex stellar system. Because of said conflict and their skill in the arts, they have an excellent relationship with the Hylotls. They are cunning and arrogant, and highly skilled in whatever domain they decide to focus - in this case war, thanks to their outstanding organisation and strategy.

    Political organisation:

    The Lithian society is meritocratic. One gets his position in society either from his filiation or from his work.
    While it is possible to raise from any situation, the society is corrupted in such a way that often enough one will not rise because of feats as much as because of relations. Since a military carrier is a quick way to the honours many Lithian attempt to become soldiers.
    The current Empress of the Lithian took control through a coup d'├ętat, which is the common method among them. She is greatly respected.


    The Lithian are humanoid being, easily distinguished by their only, glowing eye, rock-like skin and crystal. They are usually about a human's size or taller. They take great pride in the crystals that grow on their bodies.
    Under their rock-like skin is another layer of skin, richly coloured and slightly bioluminescent.


    Lithians are notably arrogant and sarcastic, but also remarkably well mannered when in presence of a person they respect. They are not particularly aggressive but very ambitious, and once they have an objective set nothing will distract them.


    A Lithian can eat practically anything given it's not too acid. Their diets also include small quantities of stone, which are used by their bodies for their rocky skin.


    The Lithian use retro-futuristic technology. It is very advanced in a variety of domains and fairly backwards in others. Their main source of energy is plutonium.


    The Lithian culture ressemble that of Victorian era england or Napoleonian era France. The Lithian are very proud of themselves, but will still consider learning from other cultures - harshly criticizing them if they dislike it.


    Human: The Lithians are on friendly terms with the humans.

    Apex: The Apex and the Lithians despise, belittle and are generally hostile to each other.

    Avian: The Lithians openly mock the Avians, and the Avians are fairly hostile to them

    Floran: Lithians and Florans get along pretty bad. The Lithians are especially condescending to Florans, and the latter dislike them as they are allied to the Hylotl.

    Glitch: The Lithians and the Glitchs get along fairly well. Lithians are fairly well seen by the Glitchs, and Glitch outcasts are very estimed by the Lithians.

    Hylotl: The Lithians and the Hylotls get along very well. They are both fond of the other part's art, and are allies. They share many traits in common. As such relations between these two peoples tend to be especially friendly.

    Novakid: The Lithians are suspicious of the Novakids, but are otherwise pretty friendly with them.
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    I would question the good relation with hylotle, unless there may be a mutual respect thanks to the arts.
    Other than that it is a great idea, ask on of the moderators or a well known artist on here to help with concept art or sprites and I can see a real hit happening.
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