End-game scaling gear and creatures.

Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by ItsKip, Jan 3, 2016.

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    I'll keep it short and sweet since I know how much a wall of text is hated is some fashion or another.

    I apologize if this has been addressed by the developers already, and if it has I would like a link to the post.

    Scaling planet difficulties.

    Right now after maxing out your character's gear, the rest of the game becomes a joke.

    I propose that randomly generated weapons, armor, and creatures of increasing strength be added.

    Planet's can be tiered after EXTREME to (just an example) EXTREME 1-100 or something.

    EXTREME 1 would entail creatures of a health pool above the current max level monsters.

    Weapons found on these planets would be generated withing a DPS pool suiting the monster difficulty.

    Armor found on these planets would be generated with a stat pools that decrease in overall effectiveness as you go on. So the further you go into "Deep Space" the harder the planets become to survive on. If you add armor that scales too well with the monsters, it will not be a challenge, and you might as well not have it in the first place.

    I would like the game to get HARDER the further you go, not easier.

    There is no reason other to visit these planets besides a difficulty increase.
    They will generate no more items than any other planet.

    I've put nearly 160 hours into Starbound. I'd really like to continue playing, but as it stands, there really isn't a reason to.

    I would love to hear feedback from other Starbounders, I would especially love an official response.
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    That sounds rather interesting. Although I think it would work a bit better if it were to scale up like Diablo 3's difficulty system; percent based per level. There we could add in more uses for armours/weapons and have sets for extra damage/defense. It would add in a bit of extra grind/RNG to the formula; maybe a bit too much? We would also need some sort of level system, and maybe put level requirements on gear as to halt the massive armour/weapon teir jumps in the mid/late game.

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