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RELEASED Ender Chest v0.1d

Multiplayer compatible linked storage!

  1. Sock_Bunny

    Sock_Bunny Existential Complex

  2. Natural Aura

    Natural Aura Pangalactic Porcupine

    This is a thought I've had for a while, but I didn't think it was possible until now.

    What if you were to grab the "Backpacks" mod, but instead of carrying around a ton of backpacks (which I think is unbalanced), you instead had one backpack you could upgrade?
    Now, I don't know how this mod works, but basically this is how what I have in mind would work.

    You'd create a backpack, similar to and EPP, but all it would do is give you a buff. Said buff will allow you access to a storage interface (maybe you use a key in your inventory or quickbar mini to access it... idk). Afterwords you'll have that inventory prompt pop up, as it does with this mod, BUT you have the choice to upgrade it expanding the space in it, similar to how most of the crafting stations work. And.... that's it.

    I don't have the level of modding experience in order to do this myself. Heck, most I've ever done was edit some sprites and change some recipes. Though, I wonder if it's possible now... 0w0
  3. Sock_Bunny

    Sock_Bunny Existential Complex

    I can do the upgrading, but I won't rip-off Apple's mod or make the backpack wearable. It is possible, though.
    Except for the status effect being binded to a key, but I could make a deployment script that checks for a certain key press and if you have the buff, though...
    but I don't wanna :c
  4. Natural Aura

    Natural Aura Pangalactic Porcupine

    Nah, that's fair, I ain't gonna be pull'n your arm or nothing like that. Honestly, the ender chest in itself is pretty awesome on its own! ;)

    Though I gotta ask, do you post your mods on the workshop? Cause I can't say I've seen this mod there for instance. owo
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  5. Sock_Bunny

    Sock_Bunny Existential Complex

    thank you :D but no ;-; I couldn't find out how to upload mods to the workshop and I'm too lazy to find out
  6. Natural Aura

    Natural Aura Pangalactic Porcupine

    Your mods with therefore be a gem for us few who still use the forums. ^-^
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