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    Right now endgame is kind of boring. After year 2 only goal is to earn as much money as you can to buy expensive furniture for your farm. The problem is, that there is nothing interesting between buying. Making money is mundane, as it is usually taking the same actions every season.

    My idea for this is adding to game place with new mechanics that can make making money easier and also give player something to do. This place should be City of Stardew.

    Here how it can work (just general ideas):

    -Arrival via train opens after spring year 3. Right now train is useless. It throws crap items and has no influence on game at all. I haven't seen one during my 3 year gameplay. Using it for what trains do best should be a good idea.
    Trip is always long, so spending night in hotel is necessary

    - JoJa BigMarkt - where player can buy all seeds whole year. Also with quest line allowing to expand it with new stuff.

    - Farmers guild - player can buy service for plowing, watering, sowing, fertilising and removing all stones and wood from farm (tractor or something like that). First day of each season is really time consuming even with iridium tools. This way player can choose which tile can be plowed, seeded and fertilised without all that work.
    Also player can find there secret scarecrow socieity in where clothes and hats can be used to create unique scarecrows.

    - University - questline for inventing metal next to iridium - mithril. Hard and expensive but rewarding questline.

    - TV - minigame in which player can take part in TV shows, learning new, unique recipies.

    - The Zoo - donating legendary fish may allow to buy exotic animals which can be raised only under special conditions (different food, no company or else).

    - Automatix - shop where player can buy automated processing lines (installed in barn or coop). For example: every egg is automaticly processed into mayo and stored. It will save lot of time.

    - Casino - with much more usable rewards, maybe also with questline.

    - Other guilds (magic, fishing, mining) which player can join after passing hard tests. Player can be member of one guild at ones. Guilds give access to unique items and questlines.

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