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    No pictures as this just hit me and I wanted to post it before I forget.

    Right now, the progression is as follows; Lunar Base + Erchius Horror, Dreadwing, Floran Party, and finally Shockhopper. Each event has its own unique style of play, and each ending has a unique type of opponent. So,why not have a temporary endgame boss that puts what you learned from the previous four missions into one big mission?

    Once your ship is upgraded to its fullest, a new mission is offered by the Comedian NPC in the outpost. For one of his acts, he wants to mimic a cultist, but he's terrible at sewing. He also demands only a high quality mask, and directs you to the Fiery Stars. Using a unique treasurepool, you need to find cultists who spawn on Dead Planets.Kill them until they drop their mask. Once the mask is dropped, return to the Comedian. After paying you, he gives you the coordinates to his soon-to-be stage. Go to SAIL and teleport there.

    Location: Mysterious Stage

    Upon arrival, the Comedian is standing on the stage, and there's a dozen chairs you can sit in. He asks you to sit, and upon doing so, he is captured by Cultists. A wave of 20 cultists, coming in pairs, attacks you. Once all twenty are slain, you run to the right and backstage, looking for the Comedian and his captors. Every short while, you're ambushed by a small set of Cultists. After a short travel and a few ambushes, you find a hidden floor door. Flip a switch, hidden in the area near the door, to go down. Dropping down teleports you to a new instance.

    Location: Mysterious Shrine

    You arrive in a dimly-lit shrine. There's many paintings and warning signs, as well as bones and other things showing that this isn't a place you want to be. Traversing around, you'll end up on a large chamber with a huge shrine. At the shrine are three Cultists, with one cultist wearing a more intricate costume. Attacking them prompts the boss fight.

    Boss Fight: Shadow Council

    The battle starts with the Main Cultist teleporting out when attacked. You're then bombarded by multiple Cultists on a timer. 3 minutes of constant spawning Cultists push you to the edge.

    Once three minutes are up, A cultist teleports in using a recolored Human Mech. The mech uses flamethrowers and lasers, much like Shockhopper and Dreadwing. Periodically, he spawns Cultists to help him. There is a timer here as well of 3 minutes; defeat him before the next wave hits.

    The third phase is a small one-person ship with four laser turrets. This fight is like a mobile version of the Erchius Horror, but with a random order to his beam spam. At 50% health, his beams are always active and spinning in random directions. Once again, there is a 3 minute timer before the final wave.

    The final phase is a 1v1 against the main cultist, who now has revealed himself as a transformed human. Mixing Moontant features with a cultist, this hulking monster is a threat to be reckoned with. He will attack you with horizontal lasers (similar to Erchius Horror), breath violet flames at you, attack with a slow melee that can be dodged due to slow speed, and he will spawn a floating crystal (like a small 1hp Erchius Horror) that floats around and fires directly at you with a plasma shot. His pattern is erratic, so you must be aware at all times.

    Upon defeating the Empowered Cultist, a room opens to the right, showing that the Comedian was simply sitting and eating some complementary sacrifice food. He then says he dislikes his audience for being harsh critics, and rewards you with something.

    The boss fight and mission are meant to put everything you learned to the test.

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