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Enemy Suggestion Thread

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Seria-Myouna, May 10, 2013.

  1. Dolphinflavored

    Dolphinflavored Star Wrangler

    Providence's Minion(s).
    (healer) Class 2 I just think it would make sense, being that providence "Has it out" for you, and he's trying to kill you (I don't really know what the deal with Providence is anyway...)
    Passive ability (supportive-supporting enemies, not you): Heal enemies 20 HP per 5 seconds (Could be all at once, or over time.)
    Attack (Mid-Ranged): Summon rings (Like Providence does, except less damage, and only three rings per attack.

    Health: ++
    Speed: +++++
    Damage: +++++

    This enemy should spawn late-mid-game, when more enemies spawn consistently. It would frankly be useless early game, because there would be considerably less enemies to heal.

    I feel like this idea could eventually be turned into a boss, except with less healing and more damage.

    It just makes sense!
    Providence's Minions.png

    He's just like a cute little mini providence!

    [Fungal Caverns] Lurker (Class 3/Boss)

    Similar mechanics to the Imp Overlord, and Magma Worm.
    This creature is a short, black/green fungal monster who is too filthy in order to see any physical features-other than his white eyes-who leaps from the floor to the wall, and from the floor to the nearest ceiling, (so on and so forth), rather quickly.

    Attack (Melee): Occasionally, when on the floor, it seeps into the ground, with no way of knowing where it is. Soon, the creature leaps from where he was hiding in the floor to the nearest ceiling [This attack doesn't have to go directly up, considering that the player isn't always under a platform.].

    Attack (Long ranged): When the Lurker is above ground, it sends out disgusting orbs of fungal poison (Like a mushrum, but ranged.)

    Attack (Melee): When taken enough damage, this creature is stunned for a short period of time (2 seconds). And after the stun effect wears off, he sends a shockwave, damaging you for a moderately large amount, and the enemies for a relatively small amount (Let's say 10%.). If an enemy dies from this attack, it will drop no gold, and no experience. Because irony.

    Health: +++++
    Speed: +++++
    Damage: +++++

    Lurker, RoR.png
    Basically its just an extremely fast giant black/green blob made of fungal filth hell-bent on killing you for no reason.

    Monster Log:
    As I was making my descent into these caverns infested with fungus and poison, I came across an entirely black... hill. It was extremely blatant, and it didn't make sense in that location; Its surrounding terrain was completely opposite from the hill. I decided to get closer to examine it.
    I walked towards it, quietly, and hesitantly, I stepped on the 'Blatant Hill'
    [Sidenote: This could be the subtext of the boss. E.g. Wandering Vagrant; Gentle Protector] and after a thorough poking with my boot I started stomping. (I'm not as bright as you'd make me out to be.)Very shortly after, it emerged from the ground. It had no noticeable physical features, because it was way too covered in filth to see anything-except for its white eyes.
    After several poison breaches in my suit, explosions, and basically pain, this Lurker-ALMOST-got the best of me.
    This Lurker is a very quick, cunning, and overall master of surprise, that should not be toiled with.

    I tried my best-I'm not exactly the best writer in the world...
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    • GigabitPony

      GigabitPony Void-Bound Voyager

      Mimic ( Class 1):
      [Attack: Melee]-
      The mimic attacks after the player tries to activate it. Bouncing at them and biting them with the lid and box. (Will explain below)
      [Attack: Ranged]- The mimic can shoot gold at the player. Damage based on amount of gold shot.
      Health: +++
      Speed: +
      Damage: +++

      This guy should be like from Dungeons and Dragons. Looking like a chest and won't attack until a player opens it or the mimic may randomly come to life if the player is hanging around it long enough. Attacking would be how you think a chest would, open and close the lid to get you. Ranged attack can be null or have it shoot gold at the player, also allowing for said gold to be picked up. Minus less over time. (Decaying amount if not killed fast enough). Also it should be on dark level maps or in buildings, not out in the open since Mimic's do not like the light from the sun.

      EDIT: Post above me has a Lurker. So not going to post my idea, besides comes from DnD anyways :p
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      • Phosorious

        Phosorious Lucky Number 13

        Not so much an Enemy, but how about a map area that only appears in multiplayer called The Arena. All players have items turned off, and fight for a lead in the next area via gold head start, or an item.
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        • Phosorious

          Phosorious Lucky Number 13

          Boss: Paladin
          Gives all enemies in it's vicinity increased regeneration and armor. Donning a banner of white and a cross of equal lengths.
          Flavor text: Was also on the ship, didn't seem to be alive, or active, or noticeable while in transport. I'm not sure if there was more then one on the ship, but what I do know, they all are identical. Each one seems to manifest out of the original by some strange reactions to the planet. Whatever is going on, it's only seems to get worse for me. For one, it seems to me that he inspires the best in all of the inhabitants of this planet. While being on this planet I've seen a lifeless set of old armor stand up and radiate with life once nonexistent, and attempt to kill me with a sword I've only heard of in historical logs. The closest star seems to shine radiantly over this certain being, regardless if it's the original or not.
          • geekofalltrades

            geekofalltrades Phantasmal Quasar

            Archer Bug Queen (Class 3/Boss)
            Attack (Melee): Feed. The Archer Bug Queen takes a bite out of the player, dealing moderate damage and healing itself. The Queen only uses this attack when on the ground.
            Attack (Ranged): Spit. The Archer Bug Queen spits three volleys of three projectiles towards the player. These are like the ordinary Archer Bug's attack, but larger and more damaging and fired three times in quick succession - possibly at staggered angles, so that dodging them becomes more challenging. The Queen can use this attack while in flight as well as while on the ground. While circling the player in the air, the Queen is able to use this ability rapidly.
            Attack (Special): Spawn. Four Archer Bugs erupt from the Queen's fleshy abdomen and pursue the player. The Queen uses this attack both in flight and on the ground.
            Special ability: Flight. Like Evolved Lemurians, the Archer Bug Queen takes flight to pursue the player, then lands nearby and attempts to attack with its Feed melee attack.

            Because it's so large, it lumbers slowly through the air - attempting to outrun it while it's flying after you therefore becomes a valid strategy. However, if the player gets too far away, the Queen begins using its Spawn ability repeatedly to spawn swarms of sprightlier Archer Bugs, which can easily keep up with the player and harry them until the Queen is able to get back in reach. If the player squeezes into a space that's too tight for the Archer Bug Queen to land in, then the Queen circles the player, rapidly firing off its Spit attack to flush them out of cover.
            • BurningWitness

              BurningWitness Space Spelunker

              Hope at least some mods browse through this thread. My suggestion isn't a standard one, but [I hope] it makes sense.
              I suggest to add a special enemy type in the game, which will change enemy color to black[ish] (or any other color, I don't know what to choose). Adjective is 'Parenting' or something like that. The idea is, bosses (and some enemies) of this type can spawn up to 3 minions, that almost fully copy them, but are smaller and weaker (as usual). For example, Parenting Magma Worm can spawn up to 3 little Magma Worms. Same with Cremator, Ifrit, Ancient Wisp (can spawn both Greater Wisps and standard Wisps) Scavenger (would look great). Parenting Toxic Beast would spawn 12 piggies, Parenting Parent would spawn Children, Parenting Elder Lemurian would spawn standard Lemurians and Parenting Imps would spawn Angry Tiny Imps (like standard Tiny Imps, but attack player and hold no item).
              Also, would be a fun idea to add 'Rampant' enemies, that would have all possible abilities for this kind of enemy (for example, Rampant Imp is a Blazing Frenzied Volatile Overloading Leeching (possibly even Blighted) [Parenting] Imp). Enemy has white color (just because white is a mix of all rainbow colors).
              • cowcatcherer

                cowcatcherer Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                actually there are sprites for a mimic, but its not implemented so maybe sometime in the future!
                • Dolphinflavored

                  Dolphinflavored Star Wrangler

                  I feel that an enemy who spawns in a remote location and fires one shot "artillery" (Like the Cremator) at the player periodically, would make spots of inactivity, like when you're just walking to the other side of the map, less boring. E.g. it would force you to jump or back up for a second, to dodge the bullet. This enemy would also encourage the player to seek out the enemy, (A.K.A., going a far distance (A.K.A. the corner's of the map)). In order for killing it to be worth while and not just annoying, it would drop a good amount of gold, and maybe something like an item, or maybe a cheap chest.
                  I have some ideas for it's lore and stuff: It's name could be "Descendant," because it's a descendant of the Cremator (or the Vagrant).
                  Maybe it could like a clayman, but with more red, and... well, "lava colors" (The Cremator-lava...)

                  It would demand a small task of the player to trek towards the "Descendant," and take it out, as well as making basic movement more of a hassle.
                  Hope you agree :)
                  • Liamanator

                    Liamanator Orbital Explorer

                    White Knight ( Class 2)
                    Health ++++
                    Speed +
                    Damage +++

                    Rare Spawn

                    A very slow enemy that would have a a shied and a greatsword

                    The shield- After it is hit, it holds its shield up for 3 seconds, blocking all damage in front of it and not alowing players to pass(whether behind or in front of it)
                    The Sword - Very slow attack: He lifts up his sword and slams it to the ground on one side of him( The one the player is on) and creates ray of white like there ( like providence and his fire) whiteknight.gif

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